Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ring of Honor Redemption

I was actually at this show, and I have to tell you that being at an ROH show and watching one are two different things. Being at one the fans are usually incensed and genuinely love the product. Watching them, I usually have to stare at it like one of paintings where things are hiding in the background because the damned arena is so dark. And I by god hate their announcers. Anyways, to the show!

1 Ace Steel v. Matt Stryker v. Delirious v. Sterling Keenan-2
I didn't even remember this match, but anywhoo, it basically sucked. There was little communication in this; it looked like playtime at preschool. Everyone was doing their own spots and guys were actually colliding with each other.

2 Spanky v. Colt Cabana-3 This is what they call a "comedy match" Yeah, if this is comedy, I'm going to tell them to stop watching Bob Saget Tapes. Bar the fact that no athleticism was displayed, this was no funnier than seeing a grown man lick a dead cow's udders. Oh, someone did that. And you see where his career is.

3 Nigel Mcginnis/ Chad Collyer v. BJ Whitmer/ Jimmy Jacobs-4 This had the makings of a decent tag bout, but if you could believe it Collyer looked really off in this match. BJ and Hussss! Were keeping pace pretty well, and Nigel was doing his usual Euro routine, but Collyer looked bad!

4 Jimmy Rave/ Abyss/ Alex Shelly v. Austin Aries/ Roderick Strong/ Matt Sydal-6 The best match of the night. The tag psychology wasn't really on point, but the action never stopped and their spots looked crisp. This would be a standout on TNA and a showstealer on a WWE PPV opener.

5 Low Ki v. Jay Lethal-5 Some strong kicks from Low(we're cool, so I can call him that) and some horrible diving headbutts from Lethal. That would make Candido hurl in his grave, and he made Benoit sick with his shoddy ass dives. There was a crowd brawl to end this one, and they weren't breaking new ground at that point anyways, so an average match.

6 Matt Hardy v. Homicide-5 I'm not a fan of Homicide, and he was led by the hand by Hardy in this match. A guy I knew said Hardy couldn't work the ROH style, well that's because he's a smart wrestler. I think it's stupid to show everything you can do in one match and then do it every week. You'll never be able to satiate the casual fan's appetite because they're always going to want more. So, kudos to Hardy(who has one of the best punches in wrestling) and get back in the gym to Homicide.

7 CM v. Samoa Joe v. Christopher Daniels v. James Gibson-6 This match was long; and that was it's weakness. Gibson went out early from an injury(I saw him drop a rubber earlier that night in the lobby; I don't know if that was a spot, or evidence Rob Feinstein told him to hold), but after that we saw the usual from the other three. Daniels sold well, and went out next. Then, Punk played his best heel role( which doesn't hold a candle to AA! Just wanted to give him props), then lost to the returning Gibson with a top rope powerbomb that was half ass swank.

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