Monday, October 9, 2006

WWE No Mercy ‘06

1. Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy – 7
2. Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. KC James and Idol Stevens – 7
3. M.V.P. vs. Marty Garner – 2
4. Undertaker vs. Mr. Kennedy – 5
5. Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero – Falls Count Anywhere – 6
6. Chris Benoit vs. William Regal – 8
7. Booker T vs. Fit Finlay vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Batista – 5

First off, I think that negativity has become pervasive in wrestling journalism. Whether it’s the supposed “smart” individuals, writing hackneyed newsletters to loyal followers void of a social life, or just mean spirited fans who’ve lost their love for wrestling and continue to watch it for unknown reasons. I’m all about bucking trends, and I say nay to this line of thinking – I mean seriously, fuck, I want to enjoy what I’m watching! I don’t want to meticulously pick apart each and every performer and match, and have some bullshit sense of entitlement like these guys owe me anything. There’s nothing worse than watching wrestling with people that are negative and completely shitting on the product. Also, another revelation I’ve had – wrestling doesn’t have to be pretty to be good. In ’99, I was a huge mark for flashy sequences and flawlessly executed moves. But, to err is human, and fighting isn’t ballet, it’s supposed to be caustic and unpredictable if reality is to be emulated. So, for all of you nitpicking fans and writers who spend all of your time on the Internet swapping second-hand bitter opinions on forums with other virgins, it’s time to grow the fuck up. Don’t watch wrestling if all you’re going to do is complain about it. Here’s a tip, look for the good and positive qualities while you’re watching a video or a show; who knows, you might actually enjoy yourself!

(Note: The following review was a quickly typed up summarization of the pay-per-view I sent to Dave Meltzer for inclusion in his usual feedback section. It’s not as lengthy or in-depth as my usual fare, but does an adequate job I feel in displaying how I truly felt about the show.)

I thought that this was a really tremendous show. On paper, it may have not looked like a lot; but, they gave the matches decent time, there was a lot of physicality, and it kept my attention and interest throughout. Hardy and Helms was a fantastic, hard-fought opener, and the following tag match with London and Kendrick was fast-paced and exciting. I think that they’re a great team, and a breath of fresh air, being that they’re hardworking performers that seem to genuinely enjoy their craft. The M.V.P. squash was quick and rather painless, although, wouldn’t it have been better to have him beat Scotty 2 Hotty or Tatanka, as to help him establish some credibility and rapport with the fans?

Undertaker and Kennedy was surprisingly solid, and had some excellent psychology. It was well structured and executed. Rey and Chavo was awesome, too; finally, unlike Jarrett’s crowd brawls, we actually had a wild fight that meant something. They took some nasty bumps as well. It was a true shock to see Benoit return, and he and Regal had a stellar match, just so incredibly stiff and physical. They both bleed in a terrific pleasant surprise. The main event may have seemed haphazard in sections, but overall, it laid the groundwork for some upcoming storylines, and was ultimately a satisfying finale to what’s arguably the best pay-per-view yet this year.

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