Monday, October 30, 2006

HWA Adrenaline - 10/7/06

After an accidental replay of the first weeks episode, the HWA is back with all new programming this week. How did they fare? Um … well … not good.

1) Pepper Parks, Dick Rick, & Cannonball Callahan vs. Brian Beech & Ben Kimera – Handicap Match – 3
2) Tarek the Great vs. Scottie Murray – 4
3) Heather Owens vs. Naveah – 0
4) Dr. Bones vs. Tack (clipped) – 1
5) Chris Carnage vs. J.T. Stahr – 2
6) The Mavericks, Pompano Joe, & Jesse Hyde vs. Foreign Intelligene & Irish Airborne – 4

The first bout was supposed to be a six-man tag but Chad Collyer decided to no-show. Hey, that’s an automatic termination where I come from! Anyway, it was pretty much a total brawl from beginning to end with nothing of note to speak of. Tarek and Scotty had a fantastic match but the crowd wasn’t really into it and JT Stahr ran in and hit Murray with the TV title belt. I would like to see Tarek stick around and work with the youngsters to really help them. Naveah won by count-out after Owens was attacked backstage by Irish Airborne. Yeah, that’ll get them over. Bones should be nowhere near a ring. He looks completely out of shape and greener that a leprechauns dick. Tack is a decent wrestler and needs to learn more skills to be a better overall performer. Carnage squashed Stahr and effectively killed his push. The main event 8-man was a fun match that featured some fast-paced offense and a more that formidable showing by Hyde. This really was not a good show and made the debut show look like and episode of ECW.

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