Wednesday, October 25, 2006

HWA Adrenaline - 9/23/06

1) Chad Collyer vs. Dick Rick – 4
2) Heather Owens & A.J. Sparx vs. Hellena Heavenly & Naveah – 1
3) Chris Carnage vs. Ed Gonzalez – 2
4) Irish Airborne vs. The Mavericks – 3
5) Quinten Lee, Ala Hussein, & J.T. Stahr vs. Jesse Hyde, Pompano Joe, & Scottie Murray – 2

Collyer and Rick had a solid TV match but why the color commentator kept talking about Rick’s ass every five minutes is beyond me. Interference at the end by some goofball named Callahan and Pepper Parks ruined any chance of a better rating. The women’s tag was a total joke as none of these women know how to efficiently work a match and tell a story. The muscle bound Carnage came out with a midget for some reason and destroyed, and this is a direct quote from the play-by-play announcer, “the used car salesman of the HWA.” Carnage looked damn impressive and should be a top star with HWA soon. Irish Airborne (they seem to keep popping up on these reviews don’t they) brought a rule-book out to ringside with them and told the announcers to read it. Hooks, the color guy, said “I prefer Dr. Seuss.” So, that tells me two things. First, the Irish Airborne are working heel and second, the announcers never read. The match, however, turned out to be pretty good but it wasn’t the best match they put out. The main event was a total joke. Everyone but Stahr needs to hit the stairmaster like now! The face team of Hyde, Joe, and Murray didn’t do shit for me. Come to think of it, neither did the heel team. Lee has been an HWA mid-carder for so long he needs to go back to Perkins and flip pancakes. The finish was a joke. If the heel team signed all of their names to a contract and lost, then the tag titles went to Joe and Hyde and the TV title went to Murray. Guess what, they lost so in theory all titles changed hands. Wrong. Stahr signed the contract so he lost his title, but the executive assistant who looked over it was too dumb to realize that Hussein and Lee wrote different names on the contract. What a pile of shit and sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

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