Saturday, October 21, 2006

TNA Impact - 8/31/06

1) Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams & Senshi – 4
2) Eric Young vs. Shark Boy – 4
3) Brother Runt vs. Abyss – 10,000 Thumbtacks Match – 3

The tag match didn’t do much to excite me. There was a missed spot where Sabin tried a baseball slide and the finish was not properly booked. Sabin should’ve pinned Senshi and not Petey in order to give the fans a chance to think that he might be able to beat Senshi at the pay-per-view. Young and Shark Boy was decent and did two things. First, it got Young over again and second, it continued the ludicrous feud between Larry Zbyszko, Earl Hebner, and referee Slick Johnson. Runt and Abyss was nothing. They teased a spot where Runt was going to bump through two thumbtacks covered boards and tables but it never happened and the match ended without one crazy bump. Raven came down afterward and knocked Abyss through the aforementioned boards and tables. The final segment was Jeff Jarrett repeating everything he’s ever said this year in any promo he’s done about Sting. It was a lackluster ending to a forgettable episode.

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