Sunday, October 1, 2006

ECW on Sci-Fi - 9/5/06

1) Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. Mike Knox & Test – Extreme Rules – 5
2) Balls Mahoney vs. Stevie Richards – 3
3) D-X vs. The Big Show – Handicap Match – 3

The extreme rules tag was sloppy as hell but fun to watch, as was the case with most old-school ECW matches. Sabu took some pretty decent bumps and Knox and Test did their share as well. Balls and Stevie had a decent match but was marred by interference by Kevin Thorn. D-X main eventing was a total joke and an insult to everything they’re trying to do with the new ECW brand. I never want to see Triple H or Shawn Michaels in an ECW ring ever again. Also on the show, Matt Striker did another one of his classroom things and CM Punk bitch slapped Shannon Moore and called him a poser. Now would someone explain to me how this was supposed to help the ECW brand and why should I give two shits about John Cena’s movie?

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