Saturday, October 21, 2006

TNA Turning Point 2004

1 The Naturals v. Mikey Batts/ Jerelle Clark-4

2 3 Live Kru v. Team Canada-3

3 Kid Kash/ Kazarian/ Michael Shane v. Sonny Siaki/ Hector Garza/ Sonjay Dutt-4

4 Abyss v. Monty Brown(Serengeti Survival)-3

5 NYC v. Johnny B.Badd/ Pat Kenney-3

6 Raven v. DDP-4

7 Petey Williams v. Chris Sabin-8

8 Kevin Nash/Scott Hall/ Jeff Jarrett v. AJ Styles/ Jeff Hardy/ Randy Savage-5

9 AMW v. XXX(Cage)-9

TNA's 2nd PPV attempt started out with an averagely exciting escapade of energetic ergonomically correct acrobats. 3 Live Kru is any thing but lively and fell through a match marred with no expressions on any one's face except Mike Tenay's which was him holding his chin and thinking really hard. The six man X division match was led by Garza and the other kids kept up well, except Garza's team, Siaki and Sonjay, who showed little except that Siaki could probably make better money as a Rock impersonator and Sonjay is the president for India's hair club for men under 30. Abyss and Brown was as plodding as a cow tilling a field, and featured a tack bump by Abyss' ridiculous hair. The NYC match was a gimmick for Jacqueline to beat up Disco; need I say more? Raven and Page were having a pretty decent match until Erik Watts interfered for like 6 minutes!, including beating up two druids wearing Nike's. Petey and Sabin definitely upped the ante with some sick spots and super fast paced action that delivered. The only thing I can take away is a little less selling than I would like and a foreign object finish. The Dancing Elvises took on the Phenomenal One and The Charismatic Enigma( someone tell TNA having nicknames that are longer than six syllables don't exactly roll off the tongue) in a well paced match that the heels actually bumped in. Savage came in at the end and looked like a fucking zombie! Or at least the closest thing to it I've ever witnessed in non-Hollywood life. And he got the pin with a punch. The main event cage match was a classic to be sure! It had a great story, buckets of blood and some awesome double teams. Throw in much cage use, a Tower of Doom from the top of the cage and the highlight of Elix Skipper's career: walking the cage and hitting a hurricanra from the top( the spot that should have made him a star) and the end of XXX as a team and you have a very special match that stole the show and the year from anything TNA had done.

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