Friday, September 16, 2011

WWF Over the Edge 1998

L.O.D 2000 vs. DOA - 3
Jeff Jarrett vs. Steve Blackman - 5

I just don't know about this. Skull and 8-ball of DOA fame looked even worse than I remember when I saw them as a kid -- I even thought they sucked then. I was only 10 years old! DOA's bumping looked off to say the least, and no matter what LOD tried to do with them, everything executed looked shoddy and ridiculous. Skull stunk worse than a week old gym sock stuffed in the bottom of a hamper belonging to a 400 pound man with athlete's foot. Sunny looked bodacious in all her glory as the valet for LOD. Thank God she was there -- at least she served as a distraction from the match unfolding in the ring. I still define it as an acceptable match strictly due to LOD's performance and trying to work with DOA. I really can't imagine what the match would've been like if we had The Headbangers vs. DOA.... *shudders*

Dub J vs Lethal Weaps was actually pretty good. I was 10 years old at the time this PPV aired and I was a huge Steve Blackman mark. This was during a time in my life that I was into martial arts and kung-fu, all while being enrolled in Tae Kwon Do (I rocked the shit out of the blue belt). Blackman really whipped up on Jarrett, who ran around the ring like a four year old avoiding spanking. Jarrett played up the crowd well getting cheap heat with a bogus fin, but it served it's purpose.

Marc Mero vs. Sable - 0
Kentai vs. Taka Michinoku and Bradshaw - 5
The Rock vs. Farooq - 3
Kane vs. Vader - 2

I'm not going to glorify Mero/Sable with a response except stating the fact that I'm not going to glorify Mero/Sable with a response.

Kentai vs. TakaShaw was pretty solid. I loved Kentai's ring attire as they looked like the were more ready to roam the streets of Milwaukee with a street gang rather than wrestler. Bradshaw was great here. I loved his channeling of Stan Hansen beating the hell out of the little Japanese guys. Kentai was getting cheap heat by playing to the crowd by doing that pose they were so famous for. Togo was clearly the strongest of the bunch at playing to the crowd because he seemed to connect with them more. Funaki and Teoh played a more solid game in the ring by keeping their attention on Mich and Bradshaw, which balanced out well with Togo playing the role of a showman. Fun match.

These next matches were just kind of there. Rock vs. Farooq was kind of a dud. The only saving grace was the intensity shown in the match with the attack on the outside near the entryway. I really thought the match never picked up here as the Rock pretty much dominated Farooq and made him look bitchtastic.

Vader is an awesome worker, as was evident by his work in WCW, WWF, and Japan as a whole, but this match sucked. It was clunkier than a '74 Oldsmobile and featured nothing of significance other than the really nice pop Vader got when he went up top for the moonsault. Kane sucked, as per usual.

The Nation vs. DX - 4
Steve Austin vs. Dude Love-6

Wow, I expected a lot more. Going into this, I want to say that I was dying to see a Billy Gunn/Owen Hart standoff, as they were two of the best in the company at the time. Sadly, we didn't get to see that happen. This match had that 'headliner' feel to it and fizzled like a shaken Coke bottle percolating under pressure until it went flat. We got some decent submission style wrestling that didn't go anywhere and some shoddy selling by D'Lo. I heard 'boring' chants, too. This should've been so much more, but I like Owen's in-ring and staggery sell of a kick, along with Gunn's general showmanship.

This match was great. Mick was bumping his ass off in normal Foley fashion, and Stone Cold had the audience in the palm of his hand. I loved the street fight element to this. Foley took two great lariats -- one perched on the guardrail and spilling onto his dome, then again on the ramp. The fight on top of the cars was another nice novelty element. The camera caught a great angle with Austin missing the Stunner and falling off the top of the car -- looked like he fell 10 feet, but in reality, it was more like three. Then the shit-fest started (see this match for why the Attitude Era was awful) with McMahon getting knocked out and Austin using McMahon's limp hand to count the pinfall. Ridiculous; however, the street fight and bumping by Mick was just too fun.


Brian said...

it's spelled "Kaientai".. - noticed Bully Ray has been doing the Stan Hansen channeling lately..

Dom Coccaro said...

Kane sucked AS PER USUAL? We'll agree to disagree on that one. Bear in mind, I was a Kane mark in 1998 (I was 13/14 years old). Your soft spot for Steve Blackman sounds similar to my soft spot for The Big Red Machine.

Anonymous said...

Steve Blackman's lack of charisma WAS his charisma.

Jessie said...

I have to agree with Don on that...not the Kane part....I also loathed Blackman....and I was in martial arts for 8 years during that time..