Saturday, September 24, 2011

ROH on HDNet 8/24/09

1. Sami Callihan and Tony Kozina vs. El Generico and Kevin Steen - 4
2. D-Lo Brown vs. John Kermon - 2
3. Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong - 7

Good opener to start beginning with a quick exchange between Generico and Sami. This was pretty one-sided with Steen and Generico looking dominate but had some cool spots like Kevin doubling Callihan over and powerbombing Kozina on his partner's back. Brown beat on Kermon like he scratched his copy of Real Genius. I'd grade D-Lo's Sliding D an F. I dug D-Lo kneeling beside Kermon and clutching his head as you would a lover, then delivering a couple short, stiff shots right to his forehead. In life it's the little things.

Main event time and this should be good! Makes me want to pop in a FIP show. Aries' confidence and Strong's dependability make them ideal opponents. Weird bump where Aries tried to backdrop Roderick over the railing into the crowd and it was as if there were an invisible wall there (think The Village) and Strong just flew up in the air and went splat back on the ground. All the stuff out on the floor was fantastic, Aries being chopped into the audience, Aries taking a really nasty front-layout suplex on the floor, Strong eating a ringpost bump with zest, and lastly, Aries' awesome Savage homage with the reckless flying ax handle off the top. Finishing stretch had lots of great struggle, nearfalls, etc. and "war of attrition" is easily one of my favorite wrestling tropes. Up to this point my favorite match of theirs was from FIP Emergence - Part One (why does that show have a listing on Rotten Tomatoes?) and I'm probably forgetting 1 or 5 from old ROH shows but this was damn fine wrestling.

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