Friday, September 9, 2011

CZW Live in Germany 11/6/10

Drew Gulak vs. Rich Swann - 2
Greg Excellent vs. Jonathan Gresham - 3
Adam Cole vs. Zach Sabre Jr. - 5
Sabian vs. Devon Moore -4
DJ Hyde vs. Bad Bones - 4
Sami Callihan vs. MASADA - 6
Drake Younger vs. Nick Gage - 6
Jon Moxley vs. Danny Havoc - 5

Gulak seemed to move around the ring about as smoothly as a 50lb. fetus moving through the birth canal. He tried jawing with the crowd, but I couldn't hear a word he was saying. Swann's moveset is getting a bit too repetitive for my taste -- hope he switches it up a bit every now and then. Gulak was obviously trying to take control of the match, but somehow didn't even understand how to put Swann in a tree-of-woe position.

To call Greg by his last name would be like calling Jesus a liar. You just don't do it. Gresham, who is completely great, couldn't even make him look good. Gresh went for some of his trademark offense and was having a visibly hard time pulling some things off due to the girth of said Greg. I think Gresham might've screwed up one spot where Greg was lying on the mat, but due to the technical abilities of the SMV camera crew, I couldn't tell what happened. Gresham hit a nice tornado DDT which Greg did well at selling, followed by 450 splash that appeared to have landed on Greg's face. Thanks.

Adam Cole is having a tremendous year. He's the jr. heavyweight champion and is bring a "sense of class" to the title. His in-ring ability has always been there, but his mic work has been short of good. He executed a nice promo before the match. His new persona seems to fit him well as the pretty boy heel. Ok, let's talk about Sabre Jr. This guy is awesome. His offense and pacing is tremendous. He has a very Billy Robinson-esque style about him that makes me want to watch him. He takes it slow in the ring, but can seemingly take off your head in a split second. He mixes this great jr. heavyweight puro style with a Euro style. Umm, yes please?! This was a well-executed match.

Da Blk Jeeze~! Sabian looked to be in an extra dickish mood tonight, jawing with the nearby fans and gyrating his hips in a manner that reflected fellatio to an attractive female in the audience. Moore has become a legitimate wrestler this year. He's moved from ripped jean shorts and provocative t-shirts to wrestling with tights and going shirtless. He hit a nice shooting star onto Sabian who was on the hardwood floor. Sabian ate some decent offense from Moore and dished out some nice luch-inspired maneuvers. The match went to the time limit, but Sabian insisted on 5 more minutes. As he thought it over, he stated that he'd rather go back to the hotel room with some rats. That makes one of us.

German street fight you say? Yeah, I've seen a few in my day. Bad Bones went head first over the bar and into a keg of strong German beer, taking out bar stools and scattering fans in a similar fashion as to when Hyde runs through a crowd to the bathroom. DJ threw Bones into a pile of nice wicker chairs, similar to the one that adorns Brian's living room, after which he threw a Jim Beam box of liquor onto the enormous head of the awaiting Bad Bones. Hyde bladed clearer than the light of day after taking a Sabu-esque bottle shot to the head. Reckless and incoherent, but it was a street fight.

OH YES! These two beat the shit out of each other. Sami took a sick powerbomb by MASADA that looked absolutely devastating and folded him in half. Sami kept getting back up and MASADA kept dishing out the punishment. Callihan would be able take it to MASADA just as well, showing his intensity and ferocity in the ring. His ability to emote through his body language is awesome, and the way in which he carries himself in the ring is quite amazing to witness. MASADA had his badass swagger going on and looked to be in top condition tonight. Just a really stiff and brutal match that turned out great.

Another hell of a fight between Drake and Nick. The crowd brawl was executed well, as was both the intensity by Drake and the selling by Gage. Drake went postal with a chair on Gage, hitting him so many times the padding and wood from the seat of the chair went flying everywhere. Nick sold these great by convulsing like D-Von Dudley after one-too-many hamburgers. There were also a couple of sick head drops on the chairs that made me cringe. The pacing was great and this match was also worked well because it didn't overshadow the main event.

Havoc went all out tonight in this match. He busted out a diving elbow off of a pillar onto the awaiting Moxley, showed his striking abilities with his kicks and forearms, and generally looked to be in great shape. Havoc hit a double stomp on Mox which Mox sold great, arching his back and throwing back his arms while making a face that looked disturbing to say the least. A good match that ended the show strong, but wasn't overkill.

Average Score: 4.4

Recommendation Level: Recommended


Anonymous said...

Don't understand why Gulak is so awful; he's MUCH better as Soldier Ant. Sami gets way too much hate.

Geo said...

Why on Earth would anyone hate Sami? He's in the upper echelon of indy guys.

DEF said...

That attractive woman in the audience getting the fellatio treatment by BLK Jeez is my girlfriend lol