Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WWE NXT 9/6/11

I fucking love you, William Regal.

Darren Young strikes me as somewhat believable, but he doesn't really seem like a dick to me. I'll buy it though. He's gotten a hell of a lot better on the stick, that's for sure. Also, it's been too long since I've heard a Regal chant. Regal vows to take it to Young in the main event tonight. OH HELLLLLLLLL YEAHHHH!

AJ & Titus O'Neil vs. Maxine & Derek Bateman - 3

Hearing O'Neil come out to Hornswoggle's music is taking ridiculous to a whole new level. I buy Bateman as a heel, but not the 'cool heel' as much as the heel that everyone thinks is the wimp -- then again, going against a large black man like Titus would put the fear of God into anyone. AJ's dropkick to the face on Maxine was a sight for sore eyes as it looked like it connected well. A safely worked match by all means that didn't really see much happen, but AJ opening the show is always welcome. AJ doing anything is always welcome. AJ is welcome. AJ.

This is the point where I wish I could fast-forward live TV. This is how much our readers mean to us: we watch shitty NXT filler for you. Yeah.

Tyson Kidd vs. Yoshie Tatsu - 6

Tatsu is tits. He wears a fucking awesome mask to the ring now?! OH SHIT HE'S MUTA!!!! This match was great. I love love love these little matches that get swept under the carpet that are fantastic. Tatsu's channeling of Muta with elbow drop and facial expression were to die for. The offense clicked better than a belt buckle on a brand new sedan. Kidd hit a great spinning kick on the outside to the mush of Tatsu, which looked divine. This was why I love this type of wrestling. A general "FUCK YEAH" in the direction of this match.

William Regal vs. Derrick Young - 6

Regal rammed this kid harder than anyone working in Silicon Valley. Sick knees and forearms. Young's bump over the top buckle caught me off guard -- Nice. Talk about selling- Regal bumped in the corner and you'd have thought he broke all of his ribs the way he yelled and squirmed on the mat. So good. This match had such a great element of personal hatred by not only Regal, but Young as well. Regal is putting this kid over huge selling his ass off like this. Good story, great selling. Just a whole lot of awesome.

Definitely track down this ep. and pimp those last two matches. So good!

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Brian said...

our little proj. thus far has revealed NXT is actually better than Raw~ I knew SD!, Superstars, and iMPACT! were superior but even NXT? woo woo you know it