Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WWE Raw 9/26/11

This review goes out to all of the Little Jimmies out there.

How long was that opening segment with Rhodes, Miz, Truth, and Zig? Midcard heaven. I'm liking their air time, though.

10-Man Battle Royal - 4
Kelly Kelly & Eve vs. Natayla & Beth Phoenix - 2
Great Khali vs. Mark Henry - N/R
Cena vs. Christian - 3
Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder - 4
Kofi, Ryder, Bourne vs. Ziggler & Swagger - 4
Del Rio vs. Punk - 5

This has some potential. Really like the talent pool. Drew Mac eliminated first? Fuck that noise. The eliminations were coming at a good pace in this match, then suddenly it was only four and some of the elims were too sweet, like Riley going out on the Brough kick by Sheamus that looked really nice, then clubbing Gabe's head. Rhodes squeezing by with the victory due to Christian's bastard appearance was great, as was using the mask as a weapon. Nice. Wish it was longer.

Alright, let me stop this here. Cole was talking about Lawler and talks about his bruised ribs and "with all due respect, he's also suffering from anal bleeding." Sweet Baby Christ in a hand-basket. Moving on.
So what happened in this match? More entertaining was the commentary. TESTIFY! Hahahah! Nothing was of substance in this match other than the attitudes of the Divas of Doom. Really great team. Nice Glam Slam to top things off.
I suppose the next match didn't happen? Nice seeing someone get Khali off of his feet, though. Gave Henry a more monstrous feel than he already had.
I could tell by how quickly this one got started it was going to be short. Nice spurts of intensity from both guys, but it didn't even go five until all hell broke loose. A decent way to tease the three way, though. I knew a girl who did that to me all the time...
WWYKI. Zigs put on his damn game face tonight. All the jaws from the crowd got under his skin, he looked intense. Basically, he was just as great as ever. Crowd behind Ryder, I thought we'd be seeing a new champ tonight. How great was Ryder facewash in the corner, too? Not to mention Zig's lumping over in the corner like he was hit by a brick. Shitty fin as per usual.
A handicap matches with a faces having an advantage? Ummm, ok. Bourne plays up that little man in a bad situation selling very well. Dolph simply stepping on his face led to this grimace and leg kicking from Bourne that really led to me sympathizing with him. Great desperation selling on his part. Kofi's explosion into the ring was everything you'd come to expect from him, but I find myself wanting him to change his moveset up a bit. Mason Ryan came out to surely fuck up the flow of the match. Ugh. I took solace in Swagger's Jumbo style lariat on Ryder, who whipped his head back so far he could see Jersey from Kansas. So Ryan turns on the heels. What's with this "hey, you're heel's not getting over, turn him face!" mentality. Damn. Finally, how amazing was Ziggler's sell on the Rough Ryder. Goddamn, awesome.
Love that mug of Del Rio when he looks so smug and pissed at the same time. That suave ass beating can't come any cleaner. Punk's ramped up his game, too. His spinning back kick to the estomgo de Del Rio was nice. When you put two of the "A" guys in the ring and boost up the intensity, you're gonna get a spectacle. I loved seeing Del Rio slow it down with the armbar, which served as a device to both start the arm psych and to get the fans behind Punk. Very nice. Del Rio took some gnarly offense, including that sliding-out bump to the floor he has an affinity for some unknown reason, along with a boot from Punk that looked spot on. He hit that awesome psych with a stunner to Punk's arm, who sold it like the plague had attacked his elbow. Would've liked to have seen the fin be something to do with the arm of Punk rather than a knockout on Del Rio. That being said, the closing to the show was great, and a great way to tease that PPV main!!!

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Anonymous said...

Brogue Kick. Like an Irish brogue. Ryan going face makes absolutely no sense. And Ziggler's a great seller.