Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WWE NXT 9/13/11

1. Titus O'Neil and Percy Watson vs. Derrick Bateman and Tyson Kidd - 4
2. A.J. vs. Maxine - 4
3. William Regal and Matt Striker vs. Darren Young and JTG - 5

NXT, baby! We're still wild and fucking young!~

Regal's line during the in-ring back-and-forth that set up his later tag match saw him scream "I'm straight up gangsta trippin'!" which was cooler than last night's Raw show in its entirety. Think I'd rather see Watson and O'Neil versus Air Boom at the PPV than Miz/R-Truth. Bateman doing a flying dropkick off of the apron was unexpected and dazzling (don't think I've ever used that word in a review before so I can check that off my list). I liked Titus' finisher Clash of the Titus a lifting sit-out spinerbuster. Hollywood's all about the remakes: when they decide to do a live-action re-imagining of Wait Till Your Father Gets Home maybe they'll put some courderoy pants on Batemen and cast him as Chet.

Backstage Maxine tries to get under A.J.'s skin by showing her a picture on her phone of Hornswoggle with two chicks at the same time -- and I thought the Kim Kardashian sex video was torrid. A.J. is good at culling sympathy with her selling and could likely be the division's savior if she's utilized not entirely ineptly. You really buy her struggle against Maxine who plays the bitch expertly and is easy to hate which is what you want out of a heel. Regal's killing me on commentary. Maxine gets a pretty dominating victory and kudos to A.J. for selling the finish like death.

Regal and Striker use JTG as a battering ram driving him head-first into Young's crotch. I'm sure that spot will be stolen at a few dorm parties this weekend. Michael Cole comes out and takes a giant dump on the program not unlike the one he pays prostitutes to drop on his bare chest. Matt's ring rust if it exists isn't apparent, great job at selling stuff, wiggling his fingers testing his extremities, etc. His blue and red garb is circa '70's. Darren does Undertaker's legdrop on the apron spot better than Undertaker's done it in half a decade. I wonder if Shad Gespard is one of the few people watching this online? Great spot where Regal is jawing with the ref and behind his back delivering mean mule kicks to a fallen Young. Post-match the Uso's run out and beat up the JTG/Young duo. For the second straight week since we've started this TV project NXT has been much more enjoyable than Raw on every level.


Geo said...

My God I cannot see Regal saying that opening line -- hahaha. Nice.

Dom Coccaro said...

An Uso's run-in? Interesting. They should have been tag champs by now.