Sunday, September 18, 2011

SMASH 3 - 05/29/10

1) AKIRA v. Golem Knight- 3
2) Jessica Love v. Hajime Ohara- 2
3) Kim Numpum/ Mentallo/ Lin Bairon v. Akira Shoji/ Shuri/ Yusuke Kodama- 5
4) Valetine v. Tajiri- 4
5) Prince Devitt v. KUSHIDA- 6

I have to give AKIRA props just for being Liger's favorite sparring partner in the early 90's so i'm game to watch him do almost anything, including 1 person ping pong. His opponent looked like Henry Godwinn's farsighted uncle who got his name picked by someone throwing darts at a list of D & D terminalogy. They went with the big man/little man strategy and it worked fine and the ending came off clean. Ohara had the getup of a professional, they just forgot to teach him how to work. I've heard Love is a tranny, with the bony chin but she can sure throw a lariat. Why I dug this 6 person tag so much, hard to quantify, I liked how all the components worked in conjuction with each other. Mentallo I just peeped on an old LLUSA ep and besides having a whacked out mask, guy looked like a gym rat and had a nice dropkick. Kim was a beast here, taking on everyone from the other team and looking like the ace doing it. Kodama was selling it all, and vocally, could have passed for a backup at a Say Anything concert. Yes, there was some comedy (it's a Tajiri show) but didn't detract in the least.

Tajiri faces Finland's best wrestler, Valentine in a pretty lackluster bout. I think i scored it highly because Tajiri kind of transported himself from 2004 WWE into this point in time, the music, the tights, and the match layout was direclty from a Heat episode filmed in Baton Rouge. Only thing missing was Torrie Wilson's gigantic sweater meat and the mist, nope aftermatch, there's the mist. Valentine can punch, and seemed as if he studied Tajiri's film because he was always in the right place at the right time. The main went 15: 00 and satisfied. Devitt is a hard worker, who always seems to want the best out of match. He got bored with the ground work and started flying. KUSHIDA i've seen a few times now and will be a good future hand. Devitt issues most of his moves with intensity and the New Japan fire I love, a stiff dropkick to the face, an Ultimo Dragon spine cracking kick and the Bloody Sunday DDT reminds me why I'm such a huge Barry Windham mark.

SMASH = cool


Brian said...

SMASH equals cool indeed.. - had fun reviewing them back during our "Puro/Lucha month" on the blog.. - too bad i just deleted 15+ of their shows from the portable.. we're running out of space and those NJPW, Shimmer, and AAW shows aren't going to watch themselves.. - both guys in the main are in the BoSJ that Geo and I are plowing through.. - "gigantic sweater meat"? - you sick fuck!

Jessie said...

yeah.....i'd like to see more....Ha....i'm sure a quick search over the blog and i'd find many examples of sicker, mostly coming from your prose.....heard the phrase over the weekend in some really bad 90's comedy.....figured why not