Monday, June 13, 2011

TNA Impact Feb. 3rd, 2010 -- THEY'RE HEEEEEREE

Ink Inc. vs. Gunner & Murphy - 2
Pope & Brother Ray vs. Samoa Joe & D-Von - 3
Jeremy Buck vs. Jay Lethal vs. Douglas Williams - 5
Sarita vs. Mickie James (Taped Fist) - 4
Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson - 4

The TNA badasses Gunner and Murphy will have none of your shit. Both the TNA security guards seem to have a decent presence in the ring. Ink Inc are some of the most distracting guys to watch in the ring. Your typical TNA opener consisting of nothingness. Gunner and Murphy aren't a very coherent tag team, which leads me to believe that they'll either be split up or back working security again not too far from now.

I was debating to even include the next match in this review because I'm not even sure if the bell rang. Pope and Joe are feuding and Bubba and D-Von are as well. I really don't care about the feud between Pope and Joe because the way it came about was rather stupid, what with voyeurism being the main point and all. I am, however, rather invested in the feud between the Dudleys. D-Von and Bubba looked to be a bit stiff with one another and I dug that. Bubba spitting on D-Von's sons was an extra nice touch.

I really dig Lethal and Williams and I'm willing to put up with the Young Bucks, so this should be good. Lethal hit a great Low-Ki-esque spinning heel kick off the top rope that Jeremy sold well. Williams brought a slower, methodical pace that was an interesting element when stacked up against the "high-octane" offense of Jeremy and Lethal. Williams hit a great Chaos Theory (I LOVE THAT SHIT) on Lethal, but in an effort to get the Bucks over as heels, Jeremy stole the pin. Fun match. TNA should put this kind of stuff on more often -- offer a slower style to bounce off of for the X-DIV guys.

The in-ring action for the next match wasn't bad at all, but I've never understood the point of taped fists. Do they hurt more? Sarita looked great in the match and Mickie looked to be more in her environment -- a more brawling style of a match. The best thing about this match is that it went the perfect time. I didn't feel burned out on it after it was over, yet the finish came at a time that made sense.

The main event also was decent. I enjoyed the pre-match brawl and Hardy attacking Anderson from behind. By doing this, it enabled the fans to expect an all out fight, which is what we got. Anderson came out swinging and I dug it. As a matter of fact, both guys just seemed to be furthering their feud by laying in offense and taking risks. I dug the match, but there was one thing holding it back, and that was the overshadowing that occurred post-match. The angle that finished the show made the match that just happened seem really insignificant, as people came away remembering the new angle development instead of the match they just witnessed.

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Jessie said...

LOVED that opening line....haha...the thing with taping your fist up is it protects your own hand from breaking your knuckles....thus you can punch someone harder w/o fear of hurting yourself....