Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Terry Funk, you old Hombre, what are you doing down here in Sunny Flor-i-da?"

(Matches taken from WWE's production of The Film Room w/ Gordon Solie; all clipped)

1) The Funks v. The Briscos- 3
Dig the matching Brisco tights, Jack is mean with those punches, teeing off on Dory's face. Funk wearing blond highlights looking like Yasushi Kanda w/o the surfer suit. Finish was hot, wish more footage was available from this

2) Terry Funk v. Tony Charles- 5
How fun to watch Terry bump around as he's always done, but when he was actually athletic! Tony Charles- Top 5 dropkick of all time? Maybe, loved the arm injury playing off that move. Fuck, go ahead and raid Jim Crockett's living room and swipe this original film footage along with some Fiddle Faddle from his lazy susan

3) Terry Funk v. Jack Brisco (Dec 10,1975)- 5
Terry is beyond nearly all other men as far as selling in this profession. Brisco plays up the spinning toe hold but not as well as you'd want. This is missing a ton of time and I'm salivating to see it all. Loved the slow mo camera angle, made it seem like an 1800's battle scene from a movie. Terry's slightly heelish interview afterwards was priceless.

4) Terry Funk v. Dusty Rhodes (NWA Title)- 4
The ring is wobbling more than a half built dresser from IKEA and I wonder if it can hold up under Funk's insane selling. Dusty breaks out some moves in the ring that would instantly win him Dancing with the Stars. So fun watching these two when they could run and be the big dogs in this industry. Again, clipped too much for my liking but would like to see much more of this.

Funk's "Florida Cracker" promo at the end has to be seen to be believed

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