Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Velocity Pro Summer Bash 7/20/08

1) Chris Hero vs. Hallowicked – 5
2) Super Hentai vs. Aramis – 3
3) The New Hollywood Blondes vs. The Best Around – 3
4) All Money is Legal (K-Pusha and K-Murda) vs. Chris Ansert & Phil Boucher – 1
5) Larry Sweeney vs. Shiima Xion – 4
6) Claudio Castagnoli vs. Azrieal vs. Delirious vs. Joey Matthews – 3
7) The Nigerian Nightmares (Myfu and Syfu) vs. Angel Gonzalez – Handicap Match – 1
8) All Money is Legal vs. Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten - 4

This was one of many indy shows I copied from Geo’s portable hard drive to mine last weekend. I’ve never heard of this company before and I’m curious to see what this show brings to the table. Right out of the gate, we start off with a promo from Adam Flash that get interrupted by Chris Hero and broke down into a fight. This felt like the opening segment of Raw every week. This was Hero when he was the 5,000th guy with his initials turned into a Superman logo and before he was on top in ROH. Hallowicked certainly fits the bill for a “suitable” opponent as termed by Hero after Flash ran out the front door. These guys seem to match up well together and had a pretty nice mat sequence early on. I liked the two roaring elbows that Hero hit. Hallowicked’s big boot when Hero was sitting on the apron was nice. Hero’s best sell was when he got knocked on his ass on the apron. Hallowicked’s offense was decent but not a whole lot stood out. It gets a bonus point for being the best match of the show.

Never heard of the two guys in the second match but the announcers claim that Hentai is a 10-year veteran of Canada, Japan, and Hawaii. Hentai controlled the first half of the match and his offense looked like that of any other random indy masked man. Aramis had some looked decent but just kept a blank expression on his face, like he was trying to remember the next spot. Hentai really needs to work on his selling.

These New Blondes are quite terrible. One of them actually has the curly hair just like Pillman did back in the day.I would love to see Austin rip these two dudes apart on Tough Enough. Match bugged me as it seemed like they were just going from one move to another without any selling. Blondes did have some good heel stalling. Crowd was into TBA but I’m guessing that’s just because they knew who they were. T.J Cannon was the highlight of the match doing a dive to the outside and a big 450 splash. Next match was a squash with the only highlight being a double muscle buster from AMIL.

The Sweeney match was decent but they just sort of kept a basic pace and didn’t really pull anything too wild out. Sweeney had a nice back elbow early on. Shiima with a nice missle dropkick. Sweeney is such as great old school heel but looked ridiculous just staying bent over like he was suffering from stomach pains while Shiima did some wild jumping move on his back. Shiima had a nice top-rope cross body that Sweeney caught in a roll through for the win.

Matthews had ZERO pop when he was introduced as the mystery man for the four way match. What the hell is happening here? The most action in the first five minutes was Delirious chasing Matthews like kids chasing each other at a playground while the other two stood there just watching. It’s becoming rather clear in that these guys are only here for a payday as hardly any actual wrestling has taken place. It’s just them doing a quick series of moves and then more stalling. Matthews has this really weird sell off a double bulldog move from Claudio, like he was trying to blow a giant booger out of his nose. Action was decent during the last half of the match when these four actually decided to start wrestling and stop stalling and screwing around. Good looking double stomp from Azrieal off the top to the back of Claudio’s head to finish. Lots of legality issues during the final act.

The handicap match was apparently supposed to be a tag match but Angel’s partner “got in his car and drove off”. I’m guessing he probably found out that he wasn’t getting paid for this awful show. These Nigerian guys are about four bills each and look like Kamala crossed with Papa Shango. I don’t know which Nightmare guy is which but the one with the fro did a somersault leg drop. The bald one just kind of bumbled around. Fro tried to do a move from the top buckle but slipped and took a header right onto the mat.

The main event was spawned out of a post match run-in after the previous match from the AMIL team and I thought it was a suprisingly good match. I liked the brawl at the beginning and Balls doing most of the heavy lifting for his team. Axl looked in decent shape but it was pretty obvious that he hadn’t worked a high profile match on the indy circuit in a long time. If you haven’t seen this All Money is Legal team, think an indy version of Cryme Tyme with two JTG type wrestlers. Some random heel manager who I’ve never heard of wandered down to the ring at the end and assisted AMIL in their nefarious ways.

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Jessie said...

so nothing you'd recommend seeing huh?....matthews has been receiving that kind of reaction wherever he goes....what exactly is "any indy version of Cryme Tyme"?....