Wednesday, June 15, 2011

UWF 8/12/06

UWF "An Electric Night in the Electric City"
8/12/06 – Anderson, SC

Petey Williams vs. Brother Runt – 3

This is a very odd looking venue. It’s very long and narrow with a big giant window opposite the hard cam with green and pink flags hanging from the raftors. Naturally with a pay-per-view the next night, these guys didn’t go balls to the wall. The pace was slowed a bit and not many high risk moves were to be had. I liked Runt’s selling but his punches, especially the rapid fire ones in the corner, looked like crap. Petey went through his usual move set and attempted a Canadian Destroyer that was countered by Runt simply standing up.

Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal vs. The Diamonds in the Rough (Elix Skipper & David Young) – 4

Pretty nifty little dive early on from the Sabin/Lethal combination. Anyone else remember Sabin’s alien trunks? David Young strikes me as a generic indy heel with no personality. I’d honestly forgotten completely about his TNA run. Skipper looked pretty good and hit a nice legdrop from the turnbuckle while Lethal was strung over the top cable. Crowd was pretty dead for Lethal’s face in peril segment but popped pretty good for Sabin’s offense.

Ron Killings vs. Abyss – 3

At some point between the previous bout and this one, either the building starting leaning to the right or someone knocked into the hard camera and caused it to tilt slightly sideways. Abyss looked like a goofball doing a running splash into the corner. The referee here was completely useless as Killings hit numerous low blows right in front of him and yet he did nothing, not even a warning. Killings got slammed face first into the steps and let out a deep “uh” nosie, similar to what the characters on the old WWF RAW game for the Super Nintendo would do.

B.G. James vs. Eric Young – 2

Interesting to see the former Road Dogg working heel but he was completely on cruise control. I did enjoy him barking (no pun intended) at the fans while working rest holds and Kip James on the outside yelling “put some UFC holds on him”. Young bounced around a bit for him and hit a nice top-rope elbow to finish.

Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode – 3

First bit of this was Roode stalling like hell. Eventually they locked up after Joe called him a pussy. Roode was pretty bland in black trunks and hadn’t quite become the evil investment guy he was shortly after this. A bit of lame brawling on the outside didn’t do much for me. Joe still had some of his ROH tendencies, delivering some good shots, as this was long before he painted his face and had a “nation of violence”. No muscle buster but the finish with Joe reversing a pin into the Kokina Clutch was very nice.

A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. The Naturals – 4

Naturals were heels here, as they were being mentored by Shane Douglas on TV. I guess we all know how that turned out. Some cockiness exuded on the Naturals part, especially during the face in peril segment on Daniels. Speaking of which, Daniels did a great job of selling, even taking a chair shot to the throat. Announcers dropped a Randy Savage reference when one of the Naturals jumped off the top rope. Some real goofy shenanigans with two ref bumps, one of which involved Earl Hebner attacking his son, that seemed out of place. Tandem offense from A.J. and Daniels at the end was a nice finish to the match and a good way to close out.

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