Sunday, June 12, 2011

WWE Smackdown- 05/13/11

1) Daniel Bryan v. Sin Cara- 7
2) Wade Barrett v. Kane- 3
3) Ted Dibiase jr v. Cody Rhodes- 3
4) Mark Henry/ Sheamus v. Randy Orton/ Christian- 5

Opening match was everything you could expect within WWE's frame of time and both guys excelled, and as a side note, have played well within the mescaline sort of way TV shows are run by this company. Love how Mistico bumps, always car crash; this match's example was off Bryan's suicide dropkick. Liked how they mixed in harmless holds in between their spots as a buffer. Spanish Fly off the top isn't yet in the Maxmio's league and I can't wait till he tries it on Mason Ryan.

Match structure was fine, Kane does what he does, but Barrett is losing steam with me. He's not cut out to be a mouthpiece for a group and I hate his bumping style, it's the antithesis of WWE's training system, feeding himself to the next move instead of receiving it, weak bumps just a complete sham. Slater is still the goofiest looking person in this company.

I think i actually saw about 5 people in the 2nd row get behind Dibiase, maybe they don't even know why. Cody's angle is great, but I don't think the logic of using that mask is thought through? Are we supposed to believe a piece of plastic makes his face invunerable? Is it tougher than lame Spidey villain Hammerhead's face? Is it fact or rumor Ray Romano is donning the pin stripe suit in the new film version? Onto more important things, Cody slipped that kick off with some real snap. Jesus I hate Cole disagreeing with every comment, talking about not using ring boots? Yikes

Christian and Henry have already proved they can work well together, but Henry bumps like a fiend for Orton too? Mark's been on the roster for a freakin' decade but in last few years, he's become like a new Kane/Show who's ready to sub in for big heel spot, but he still takes his bumps. Christian swallows a Henry lariat like Brie Bella does batches of JTG's baby batter. Christian constantly taking heavy breaths, this match was all about him v. Henry; other two guys were just window dressing as Orton blew through his moveset in the last 120 seconds of bout

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