Friday, June 17, 2011

IWR: Die De Los Muertos

Cool opening

1) Mascarita Sagrada v. Tzuki- 1
What a joke, Tzuki missed a drop toe hold but acted like he hit it, finish was basically a kick, unbelievably bad

2) Wylde Stallions v. Bump-N-Uglies= 5
I'm trying to place this venue, as it has a good look and now I remember XPW was here before, as I distinctly remember Candido jumping off the bar onto Damien Steele with Tammy cheering on in an embarrassingly slutty outfit even for her. Stallions better pony up, as they're totally jocking my favorite movie bromance. They hit all the benchmark indy heel promo points but with names like Johnny Dynamo and Jack Thrilla, what did you expect? Dynamo looks tense and hesitant as he's about to get chucked into the crowd, but I loved his delayed vertical suplex in the crowd. This is going up a notch, taking a swinging neckbreaker onto Woodward Ave outside the arena and working an inside cradle into a trash receptacle both put a smile on my face. Uglies are working a masked patriots gimmick, which I totally figured out from their team I need to mention that comment was dripping with sarcasm? The skinny one can punch and takes a concrete bump as well as Joel McHale delivers a quip and if you don't get that one, it's your loss. In ring portion delivered more than I thought, nice armbar counter at one point, 4 man tower of doom and a stiff fun finisher, Dynamo had needless blood and the ref taking a belt away in a street fight doesn't make a damn bit of sense but overall this is nearly recommendable.

3) Super Parka v. Shark Boy (2/3 Falls)- 1
There was a good strike exchange in the 2nd fall, but take the referee hijinx, uncreative finishes in all 3 falls, Parka promptly no selling things and a long boring layout, this is a complete dud. Not to mention the god awful brawl at the end where Santo and Park join in and no sell some shit, then Santo unmasks Super Parka, who kind of sulks in the ring until we're on to the next bout.

4) N8 Mattson v. Gutter v. Eddie Venom v. Chris Sabin v. Truth Martini v. Zach Gowan- 4
Started off good, each guy with distinct character, halway through it degenerated into every other man you've seen with 6 guys in it trying to get their stuff off. As much as I support someone with Zach's handicaps making a run in this business, he really looked odd always standing waiting for his chance to jump in. Sabin tried to organize a few X Division type spots, one a giant tower of doom spot but it felt as tired as i am at 1:48 in the morning.

5) Conrad Kennedy III v. Blue Panther- 5
I've never seen a heel manager interfere just to reverse a side headlock spot! Panther is relishing being the face who needs to be cheated at every turn, but for some reason it feels like he's letting Conrad dictate the pace and control of the match. And Panther's been in enough blood feuds to know how to run a crowd brawl- like Conrad eating guardrail chin first though. At a certain age, some luchadors should not plancha, and I'll leave it at that. Give Conrad credit, he sticks to the game plan, really putting some mileage into this one but never feeling unnecessary. That finish was terrible, all thanks to the wrong camera angle, hurts the score but decent co-main.

6) El Hijo del Santo v. LA Park Steel Cage- 6
Parka hits the ring in style; Santo with some lovely ladies and we're off. Both men are Bob Dylan fans, having changed one of his tunes to be the official song for this match, 'Tangled up in Streamers." Parka seems constrained inside that cage, as if it's holding back his charisma. He almost starts a riot asking for chairs. Remember Tijauana, circa 97? No, not the night you fathered your 1st of 5 illegitimate kids, I mean when the fans nearly overtook you and the boys. I'm liking the moves and spots but they don't feel like they fit together. I'm all for sick powerbombs on top of folded out chairs, esp. when someone like Santo feels that dangly thing between their legs and says " My turn," but where does that bump fit in this match? Mask ripping galore and the ring is littered with trash, like they decided until a theater let out and do the match inside. A complete fuck finish and seems as if an audible was called after the crowd turns on Santo, Park humiliates him after the match. Was this a spectacle? yes, it was, some nasty sick chair shots, huge bumps, really cool venue, go ahead and watch this for some fun times. And wear a mask


Brian said...

i may have liked the main just a touch more than you but yeah overall this was a shitty spectacle of a DVD.. - need a Bump-N-Uglies comp. like I need oxygen

Jessie said...

I didn't have high hopes, but the show had character which is more than I can say for most feds

Anonymous said...

I got this in a box set at Best Buy with the awful Eddy Guerrero memorial show and two lousy NWA California shows. Weak set.

Geo said...

I remember watching that main event and being blown away by the hatred involved. Love that shit.