Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WWF Fully Loaded 1999

Edge vs. Jeff Jarrett - 3

It was funny going back and watching the near X-rated, breast-filled WWF and thinking about how you can't even show a drop of blood on Raw currently. The match was ok. Edge was able to maneuver a lot easier 11 years ago. Jarrett pretty much played it safe and worked light with Edge. I liked Edge's selling of the knee after he 'tweaked it' coming off the ropes, then Jeff working it over... for like two minutes. Decent nearfalls. Seemed like a Raw match to me.

The Hardy Boyz & Michael Hayes vs. The Acolytes - 4

Liked the hi-flyer vs. power wrestlers element to the match. Something I didn't really understand happened in the match when Matt when for a cross-body, but was caught by Farooq, only to have Jeff kick Matt in the back to push over Farooq -- wouldn't the majority of the pain be suffered by Matt? Anyway, I really like Jeff's exhaustive selling -- probably my favorite thing about it him. The APA really took it to the Hardyz and it was pretty awesome to see them selling and bumping like rag dolls.

D'Lo Brown vs. Mideon - 2

Pretty much a throwaway much. D'Lo hit a tornado DDT and Mideon's head didn't even come remotely close to the mat. Liked D'Lo's vocal selling, though.

Bossman vs. Al Snow - 1

Didn't care for this. Just a garbage-throwing match. The best part about the entire match was Snow's sadistic smiling while being beaten. Fully loaded... with shit.

Big Show vs. Kane - 2

Watching Kane come out took me back to when I was 11 years old and seeing him debut at Badd Blood '97. I was deathly afraid of Kane back then. The best part of this match was the bump that Kane took -- Big Show had Kane in a gorilla press and threw him out of the ring. Kane took a side bump on the floor for a great sell. Not much to say other than Kane's bumping was fun to watch.

Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman - 1

Hey, I've got an idea: let's have a match in a garage surrounded by a bunch of wrestlers pounding on top of cars and honking the horns! YEAH! Utter stupidity at its finest. If they want to show Shamrock's legit toughness, shouldn't this match take place in a MMA ring? Whatever.

Chyna & Billy Gunn vs. Road Dogg & X-Pac - 3

A decent match that featured Chyna and Gunn wanting the rights to the DX name so they can make money off the royalties. Thanks for insulting my intelligence, Russo. Match was kind of bland but the hot tags on the side of Dogg and Pac were on fire. Gunns selling was also fun to watch and comical at points; however, in ring, the match was stale.

The Rock vs. HHH Strap Match - 5

Fun brawling around ringside featuring fun facials by Dwayne and Hunter selling with hairwhips and motorboat lips a-plenty. The strap was kind of useless for some of the match as they could've done the exact same brawling without it, but they eventually made use of it, but seeing as this match is a novelty, I would've used the hell out of that strap at every turn. If you ask me, we've already seen enough of out-of-the-ring brawling. Come on, boys, let's bring it inside. I liked Rock's selling of the choke in the corner -- he pretty much looked like he was a victim of a strangling. Match eventually got angl-y with a run-in, but it was fun.

Steve Austin vs. Undertaker First Blood - 6

Both men had been stitched up prior to the match and had been stalking each other all night -- apparently blood would come easy in this match. More stage brawling. Yay. I did, however, thoroughly enjoying Austin's bumping over the guardrails and into the stands in a very devil-may-care fashion. I liked the intensity shown by both guys, ripping at each others' foreheads, trying to rip open the already lacerated skin. The duo of Lawler and Vince saying "Austin's bleeding!" about 30 times in the match made me laugh. Vince's winced and facials while Taker was getting the shit beat out of him really sold the match well. Fun match -- crowd was hot the whole time and the run-ins were well-done.


Brian said...

reading your review was more enjoyable than watching a lot of Attitude-era stuff.. - loved the motorboat lips line.. haha.. - man, i so totally remember that Blackman match.. - i was watching the PPV live w/ Jessie and his cousins and I couldn't stop laughing as big Viscera kept laying it on heavy on the car horn.. I imitated him doing that for months and months afterwards to the delight of nobody

Jessie said...

oh dear god do i remember you doing that beeping over and over again.....that move you refer to in the Hardys match is an old babyface tag spot, mostly done by R&R Express & Rockers.....your comment about being scared of Kane when you were 7 makes me feel old....overall i dug this article a lot....it felt very un-forced...unforunately i remember re-watching this show a couple years back and it wasn't good.

Geo said...

Thanks for the comments. Jess, I was eleven years old... does that help ease the pain any? Haha.