Monday, August 16, 2010

WCW Monday Nitro 2/3/97

Last night former NHO staffer Adam had everyone over for a WWE Summerslam '10 party and while there he donated roughly 500 DVDs to the current NHO team to watch at our leisure. I figured time's a wasting so let's get started:

1. Ultimate Dragon vs. Rey Mendoza, Jr. - 4

Crisp and fast-paced arm/wrist control segment, rope running, etc. All of Dragon's stuff came off stellar and Mendoza was a good base and kept up fine. It's a shame we don't get stuff like this on TV nowadays.

2. Glacier vs. Billy Kidman - 3

Kidman was a fresh faced kid right out of the Power Plant and was a good at eating all of Glacier's stuff and actually making it look nasty. That's saying quite a lot since Glacier's martial arts shtick was laughable.

3. Ice Train vs. La Parka - 2

Train could go from a vacant stare to silly mannerisms and his selling (what little of it there was) was just shaking the cobwebs type stuff. La Parka was fairly low-key and they honestly could have served to shave a little time off this. I'd cast Ice Train as Lockheed the dragon If I was directing a Secret Wars film.

4. Steiner Bros. vs. Harlem Heat - 4

Two of the best teams of that or any other era. It didn't get a lot of time but was expectedly physical. It had a non-finish with Faces of Fear and Public Enemy jumping in for the hell of it; still, this is much better than a large portion of the WWE-produced TV tag stuff over the last three years.

5. Dean Malenko vs. Mike Enos - 2
6. Diamond Dallas Page vs. The Renegade - 1
7. Alex Wright vs. Super Calo - 7
8. Konnan vs. Chris Benoit - 4
9. Jeff Jarrett vs. Steve McMichael - 1

My son started having a breakdown so alas the rest of my thoughts are abbreviated. Malenko match was plodding and DDP bout went roughly a minute. Wright and Calo, however, absolutely floored me! All of the flying was smooth (minus one Calo slip on the ropes), it was competitive, and both guys showed fire. At this time Calo was arguably one of the most fun guys to watch on a roster with tons of depth. There was one part where Calo spilt to the floor and wiped out some dude in a denim shirt in the front row, he tried to get back to the ring but Wright kicked him and he flew backwards again drilling this fan right in the face and sending him sprawling to his ass, this sequence was completed with a seriously sick plancha by Wright that was one of the most dangerous looking executions of that move in history. If Konnan was a member of the gang on Top Cat he'd be Benny the Ball. Benoit makes all of Konnan's shitty offense look like the nastiest mugging ever captured on a surveillance camera. There's a hilarious moment post-match where Jacqueline is trying to find something under the ring as Benoit shields Woman, but to her dismay and our comedic enjoyment, she can't find it and it goes on for what feels like an eternity as she madly scrambles under the apron while Benoit stands guard defensively over his "frightened" wife. The main event was a poor excuse of one as it was just getting out of the gates when Debra McMichael wouldn't let Steve get back into the ring thus causing a countout in a moment that had me scratching my head.

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