Sunday, August 1, 2010

Freedoms 6/21/10

Kamui, Ricky Fuji, Keita Yano, Madoka, and Shinobu VS. Abdullah Kobayashi, Kazuhiko Ogasawara, Brahman Shu, Brahman Kei, and Ken45 - Elim. match - 2

Odd. The match was very fast paced and nothing of real substance came of it. I'm pretty sure this entire match lasted less than eight minutes, and with that many guys, eliminations were happening quicker than Michael Cole calling everything 'vintage.' A hard-to-follow match with antics -- not my cup of tee. It was humorous seeing Abby in there with all the skinny fast guys, though.

Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Masashi Takeda vs. Minoru Fujita and Takuya Sugawara - 2

Match was clipped to hell and only about two minutes were shown, but I thought what was shown was pretty good. Takeda hit a really nice German suplex, but nothing of substance came out of this bout.

Mammoth Sasaki vs. Daisuke Sekimoto - 5

Ok, this is what I'm talking about -- from my favorite fed in Japan, BJW, comes two monsters who are sure to beat the shit out of each other for our enjoyment. Mammoth took a really sick Irish whip outside the ring to the post which I marked for -- these two are definitely not going to take it easy on each other. Sek looked pretty solid in his matwork -- it's def. not his forte, but he looks like he can hold his own. I liked the back-and-forth element to this match -- in a battle of two monsters, who'd come out on top? The ease of which these guys lift each other is also quick amazing. Pretty fun match. I liked how the two slowed down and took their time as opposed to a spot-fest.

Jun Kasai vs Necro Butcher - 5

Oh hell yes. Two sick, incredible death match wrestlers going at it~! I have high hopes for this match. I love Kasai's selling -- his face with that contact lens covered in blood looks like something out of a Tarentino film. Necro took a sick shot to the face with a ladder, furthering my questioning of what he won't do. Necro took one of his patented open chair bumps which he sold brilliantly writhing around in pain only to be barraged with two chairs and suplexed while they were hanging on his head leading to another great sell. Then, my friends, out came the razor board. Oh yes. Kasai took the bump for some reason it didn't feel as big as it should have. It's hard to explain. I actually thought Necro's two bumps on the ladder were sicker. Still, it was cool seeing an American DM legend and a Japanese DM legend hook it up.

5 vs. 5 Army Match - Freedoms Army vs. Kojika Army - Total Score - 3

HIROKI vs. Magnitude Kishiwada - 3
SICK dive by Hiroki to start the match plus seeing a small guy getting thrown into chairs. Always a good time. Loved Hiroki sell after the missile dropkick - this kid is good. Hiroki had some cool evasions to the powerbomb -- match was ok. Kojika Army 1-0

Antonio Honda vs. The Winger - 2

WINGER is still kicking ass, but the real story is Honda's selling -- reminds me of US territorial 80s selling. Other than that, match pretty was pretty bland. Honda won for Kojika Army going up 2-0 which got a huge pop.

Tajiri vs. Onryo - 3

Love love love Tajiri. Onryo's character is so unique that this made for an interesting matchup. My favorite thing about Onryo is that everytime you touch him, you'll have an asthma attack because of all the dust - provides for a really unique character. My favorite part of this match was Tajiri's sell when Onryo hit him with a piece of wood -- coincidentally he fell over much like a piece of wood. Decent little match. I liked the ending sequence with the powder and the mist. Tajiri would win with the mist to give the Freedoms Army a win. Kojika Army 2-1.

The Great Sasuke vs. Takeshi Sasaki - 2

Umm, yes, please! Sasaki is a great 'hybrid' wrestler and Sasuke, well, I recall being 12 years old watching old M-Pro tapes, so yes, this should be interesting. Sasuke hit a decent dive but hit the floor like a ton of bricks and really looked like he hurt himself. Nothing of real substance in this match, sadly. Sasaki went over with a kick to the head for a Freedom's win. Score tied 2-2.

GENTARO vs. The Great Kojika - 1

Wow. This should be interesting as well. This match went damn near 20 minutes with nothing of real substance. Not even anything to really touch upon in this review. Shame. End of the match saw Gentaro win with a sharpshooter to put Freedoms over for the win.

Overall, a decent event with the Sekimoto/Mammoth and Necro/Kasai matches being the highlight.

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