Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ryouji Sai v. Daisuke Sekimoto (Zero One, 04/29/2009)-3

Hey NHO fans,
I wanted to post something up before I begin my 5 day vacation (incl. a trip to Chicago) since it will be basically my first full one all year. As we near 1,000 posts on our beloved blog, I'm reminded of how much great wrestling I've seen in sessions either for reviews or just for pleasure with the guys, but with the good, come the bad and downright terrible.

Zero One, for some reason, holds a place in my heart mainly for being the company one of my favorite performers, Mr. Hashimoto, built from the ground up, so I always like to find what they're up to. This is from last April (courtesy of Brian's awesome BMD discs) and if this is any indication of the nature of the company, time to take a burial plot next to Shinya himself.

This match is every bit 25 minutes, and goes through the gammet of puro stuff throughout, none of it good, except marginally the ending. The beginning matwork stuff was as genuine as an E-card. Both of these guys are guilty as charged of putting forth no emotion whatsoever, and unlike a good 3 course meal or a Paul Auster novel, this slow burn was felt like a day in Hell. No matter what they did to each other, they both left these stoic faces that were more granite than the creepy statues on Easter Island.

There were some real embarrassing spots, like the running face first into the wall in the cheap seats to the eternally long superplex where both men fuddled with getting the other in position like someone trying to fish their car keys out of an extremely tight pair of pants. The ending had some key moments though, about the only thing either man did well (Sai- Double foot stomps from high above, Sekimoto- deadly clotheslines) but was nothing special. Loved how Sai held onto the ropes and bit them to not get Germaned at the end too. So, leave this one in the dowloadable folder should you come across it online and just grab any and all Atlantis. have agood weekend all.

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