Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WWE NXT 8/3/10

1. Husky Harris vs. Kaval - 4

This was a nice little match, called upon their previous meeting, and built upon it progressively. Kaval was able to showcase some stuff we've not seen him pull off yet in WWE, including landing on Harris' shoulders then executing a dropkick. It had some surprisingly fast-paced counter-work, not the level of Kaval's stuff with Amazing Red in ICW and early ROH, but still a joy to watch.

2. Michael McGillicutty vs. Lucky Cannon - 1

I really liked the mat stuff to start, Cannon looked rather good, doing amateur takedowns, controlling the wrist/arm, etc. but then he started doing some cringeworthy weak forearms. This probably didn't even last two minutes hence the low score.

3. Alex Riley vs. Percy Watson - 2

This was the most forgettable bout of the show, neither guy really did anything to stand out, which given the show's concept is not a good thing. Watson has charisma but sometimes looks clunkier in the ring than the '77 Datsun Layla lost her virginity in.

4. The Miz vs. Michael McGillicutty - 3

Coming off of a really stellar performance the night previously on Raw (vs. Randy Orton) The Miz was again in the main event here. He's really learned to be more disciplined, making stuff in the ring mean more, etc. McGillicutty, who, familial pedigree aside, hasn't impressed me, actually showed fire here when mounting a comeback. Miz can sometimes be quite aggressive, his big boot in Michael's face out on the floor came out of nowhere and was surprisingly violent.

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