Sunday, August 8, 2010

WWE Smackdown- 08/06/2010

1) Matt Hardy v. Cody Rhodes- 3
2) Kofi Kingston v. Dolph Ziggler- 4
3) Straight Edge Society v. MVP/ JTG/ Chris Masters- 2
4) Rey Mysterio v. Drew McIntyre- 6

Cody looking in the mirror is a clever entrance, more clever than a lot of the offensive concepts he utilized in this match. This kind of match used to be Matt's bread and butter, putting over young talent with cool face in peril selling and great nearfalls, but this felt flatter than Kelly Kelly was during her Prom. Matt's physique looks like a frog about to blow up in a microwave. All Matt's big moves don't have the impact they used to and he definitley doesn't have the speed he used to. Cody at one point tried a kneedrop and missed, rolling through on the mat looking like a 6 year old girl learning how to somersault. Them trying to maneuver that last cornerspot was every bit as awkward as a teenage boy trying to unhook his first bra.

Brawling spot was cut short, but was digging Dolph digging his armlock on Kofi, just seething with fervor while putting on the pressure. Kofi really tried to show some enthusiasm with his attack stemming from last week but I thought the ending just was a lame way to win a match, nonetheless a title. Obvious this was the continuation of an angle with not a lot building up in the middle to push this any higher on the recommended category.

Not much of a match, but Gallows, i thought, looked good, controlling the faces, dropping some nice power stuff, but also heeling it up, funny laugh he did after a cheap shot on Masters. MVP looked like a puss, falling down before Gallows big boot even come near his face.

I thought the bull and cape tactic was a fun way to start, nice to see Drew unleashing all those lethal, hard strikes he was using like when he first debuted against Finlay. Can't believe Rey, with his knees how they are, is still busting out hurricanranas off the apron to the floor. Sick slam onto the table, loved how Rey balled up like muskrat, hitting very relistically. See a lot of Trips' influence here, such as the same exact multiple punch thing he does, and going to a chinlock after you powerbombed him into the corner. Rey must have had a flashback to Malenko dumping him on his knee back at Halloween Havoc '96 when Drew pulled that one off. Drew is an interesting performer to watch, he works hard, but he's not always 100% "in the match" where he could go on a streak of selling things absentmindedly but other times is selling frustration and showing pain. Cool ending, and Rey continues to amaze after giving so much in his years in this sport.

Overall, not near at the level of a usual Smackdown and aside from the main event, I'd have rather spent the time playing Splatterhouse on my Virtual Console.


Brian said...

had the sinking suspicion i'd like Rhodes v. Hardy more than you, but nope, that blew.

liked seeing Dolph win the belt, thought he looked good, very enthusiastic bumper.

Gallows was def. the standout in the six-man. sadly Masters, the guy out of the six that's had the best last 2 months or so of in-ring, never even got in.

kane's promo with the casket has me guessing Undertaker will pop out of it at Summerslam.

getting ready to watch my boy Rey versus DrewMac now..

Geo said...

I thought Drew vs. Rey was good -- didn't care for the fin, but Drew's intensity and Rey's selling were great. Liked the buildup at the beginning of the program to that match as well. Other than Kofi/Dolph, the other two matches weren't good.

Brian said...

i agree with jess' sentiments of "cool ending".. - i mean, what's not to like? - this is textbook Rey and arguably the best way for him to get big wins.. - it's not like he can do a power move finisher or anything.. - him eeking out victories over top guys with diff. combinations of head scissors, roll-ups, etc. makes it believable to the common fan..

Geo said...

I felt like the roll up should've happened a different way with a different pin variation. It looked un-believable. Seems to me that Drew could've easily kicked out of the pin that Rey placed on him -- I think a small package would've been more believable.