Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TNA Xplosion 7/28/2010

1. Desmond Wolfe & Magnus vs Suicide & Amazing Red - 3

We got some chain wrestling from Magnus and Suicide to start. This is at least the third guy in the Suicide outfit and they need to let that character die. Red and Wolfe gave us an ROH showcase, fast-paced out of the gates, with Red utilizing his quickness and kicks. The return from the commercial break saw the Red/Suicide team busting out some double-team maneuvers, nice timing, but likely not of the level we'll see from Generation ME later. Magnus did a good job jawing with the crowd, he's still learning, and showing more of an updside. Wolfe and Magnus pinball Red knocking him back-and-forth with European uppercuts in a neat moment. I wonder if Nigel is happy with his decision to go to TNA; he had an opportunity to work elsewhere for the biggest company in the world, instead, he's performing on a show that isn't even syndicated in the country of its origin. I think the Suicide action figure would show more personality and emotion taking bumps than the real one does. The finish is essentially a Kojima "Koji Cutter" by Wolfe while Magnus holds the opponent's legs elevated -- could work in moderation, but likely is better suited on the PS2 than in reality.

2. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young vs Generation ME - 4

Eric starts off by running around to random corners and tagging different people, seemingly more perplexed and confused than former NHO staffer Adam when presented with the dilemma of whether to move in with his girlfriend. The Bucks' trademark high flying offense was on display, dives to the floor, etc. although guys like Kevin Steen and Scott Lost were better bases for that sort of stuff than Jordan and Young. Jordan slowed it down with some quality arm work on Max Buck, nice ability to emote the pain by Max without overacting, and an enjoyable change of pace. I think they should really push the creepiness quota of Orlando's up a few more notches. Young plays a believable goof and imbecile, but, I wonder how much of that is actually acting? The match ended with "More Bang for Your Buck", which is, a rolling fireman's carry slam by Matt, followed by a 450° splash by Nick, then finished with a moonsault off the top by Matt. Got all that? I liked it slightly more than the opener, it's shift changes weren't smooth or graceful, and the whole "Young as moron" subplot didn't do any favors, but still shined in moments when Generation ME could do what they do best, i.e. graceful aerial work and sublime sympathetic selling.

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Jessie said...

I'm not the biggest fan of all the endless intricate double teams of the Bucks, but I do think as a finisher that kind of stuff works......how many times now have they saddled Young with this gimmick?