Monday, August 2, 2010

NHO Hall of Fame Pick- August

We're nearing the end of our HOF run, for now, before we put it back in the closet for a while,so been thinking long and hard about different people I would like to see join this illustrious, yet ever growing group. It's not just the performers in the ring that have made this sport great, but also many other men and women doing other jobs to enhance the overall product, maybe none more so than the announcers. I've inducted Gorilla Monsoon already but I'd be remissed this close to the close of the NHO Hall for a while to leave out who I think is the preeminent pro wrestling announcer of my generation, Good Ole, JR!

Jim Ross is familiar to most all wrestling fans for the last 20 years, mostly for his long run as WWE's lead play by play guy, but also had a classic run in early WCW/NWA as their top announcer. Jim's strengths are his passion coming forth as he broadcasts and calls matches, the emotion he adds to each and every big match he's called and his love of the sport that has skewed his style to make it feel more like a real sport than entertainment. Congrats JR and glad to have you!


Brian said...

surprising selection.. - i think when you get around to screening the massive Mid-South set you'll gain an even deeper appreciation for Ross..

Geo said...

I dig it. My favorite American commentator ever.