Monday, May 3, 2010

WWE Superstars 4/15/10

1. Matt Hardy vs. Carlito - 2
2. Christian vs. Chavo Guerrero - 3
3. MVP vs. Ted DiBiase - 2

The story in our first match was Carlito working over Matt's right arm; most of the bout felt mechanical and clunky, Carlito was out of position more than once, etc. How could Carlos Colon birth such an inept performer? Personally, I'd rather watch current Chicky Starr than another uninspired Carlito undercard match. Christian got slingshotted into the bottom rope, writhing in pain out to the floor like he'd just drank a habanero smoothie. Chavo ate a missile dropkick in a Francesco Togo-like fashion. That comparison leads me to contemplate a Chavo run in DDT -- I'm sure a feud with Sanshiro Takagi would set the world ablaze. Which of these two has a worse frog splash? Basic Christian formulaic match sans any emotional involvement. I was excited that the main event appeared to be getting a nice amount of time, then DiBiase cut a uninspired, unconvincing promo that ate it all up. Back in the first-quarter of '08 MVP was carrying Batista in one of better under-appreciated feuds that year, just saw some '07 DiBiase in NOAH so I know he's competent, thus there's no excuse for both guys being on autopilot. I didn't buy MVP's selling of "Dream Street" like he was just ran over by a train. Ted's father is one of my favorites, a charismatic bumper, delivered brilliant oratory, and excelled technically; but, so far I've found the bulk of DiBiase's output patently dull and lifeless.

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