Saturday, May 8, 2010

WWE SmackDown! 4/30/10

1. Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Jericho - 5
2. John Morrison vs. Cody Rhodes - 4
3. Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly vs. Layla and Michelle McCool - 2
4. CM Punk and Luke Gallows vs. MVP and Rey Mysterio - 5

A good match to start, was interrupted early by a commercial break, but settled into a nice story warranting a "5". Jericho played the role of the smart, cruel veteran, toying with Kofi when he was down, and, a familiar Jericho trope, countered Kingston's signature moves "Trouble In Paradise" and the "Boom Drop" (twice). A surprise KO finish by Kingston helped boost the score. Another good match followed that was similarly neutered by a commercial break. Morrison was in control for the bulk of it and did a decent job running the match, but credit also goes to Rhodes, Cody busted out an "Alabama Slam" that'd make his old partner Hardcore Holly moisten his adult diapers. Rhodes won with a slick counter that led to his "Cross Rhodes", cool finish, yet puzzling booking seeing as how Morrison recently went over the heavyweight champion clean.

Having Kelly wrestle is about as good an idea as letting Guy Ritchie re-imagine Sherlock Holmes. Kelly's offense came off looking looser than her piss pouch. Layla and Michelle are a good heel team, in terms of attitude and personality, but in my opinion would be better suited in TNA or Ice Ribbon. I liked the main event, giving it a "5", as it didn't have quite enough meat to push it beyond that respectable score. MVP, in his first night back on SmackDown!, already looked much more comfortable and confident. Rey's face in peril section was excellent, as if we'd expect any less from one of the most gifted performers in the business today, and albeit a fairly common match structure, was done well. One of the only things I didn't like was MVP's big overhead belly-to-belly suplex throw on Gallows, as it was clear it was all Luke's momentum and him throwing himself forward, catapulting through the air, as MVP hardly had a hold of him. A lot of this episode was vignettes and whatnot, building up all the roster's new arrivals post-draft, but it was a fun watch.

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