Friday, May 7, 2010

World Class Championship Wrestling- 10/21/1982

1) Captain Frank Dusek v. David Von Erich- 2

Dusek had apparently just gotten back from a tour of Japan, although with all his stalling and sandbagging, not sure what promotion would have put up with that. He's exactly the sort of worker that you hate to watch, with just constant stalling and ref arguing, which is fine for heat, but he can't even get over on a side headlock takeover. David has a presence, but he's completely checked out in this one, really crappy DQ finish that saves Dusek's heat????

2) Magic Dragon/ Checkmate v. Al Madril/ Jose Lothario- 6

There's a lot to love in this one, and no one was more surprised than me. Checkmate has the ultimate gimmick: it's that he's basically the living embodiment of a chess game, where any hold or move someone tries on him he has a counter for it and everyone in the match plays it up really well, especially Check himself. He and Jose work most of the technical stuff together and it has this strange 60's style flow to it, where neither guy is particularly smooth, but the holds just flow as they go from spot to spot. Madril is this crazy haired nut who is usuall pretty forgettable but he has the crowd going nuts here, does a nice hot tag, hits these really crazy flying forearms and just generally makes the match better. Dragon works mostly with him, and matches his shoulder attacks later on in a duel of manhood. Time limit draw ends it and I totally felt that was the most honest answer to this really fun TV match.

3) Gran Markus II v. The Samoan- 2

I've heard of Markus before, he's looks like Dr. Wagner's diabetic uncle. He's facing the generically named Samoan, who would actually go on as Samu of the SST/ Headshrinkers team and have a mildly successful career. He was super green here but had tons of spunk, with the Steamboat arm drags and babyface dropkicks. He was even vocally selling his pain in a pretty bad armbar, but the issue with the match was Gran Markus was all about collecting a check and not working hard for it, he kept Samoan grounded nearly the whole time and ended this one quickly.

4) Michael Hayes v. Alberto Renesto- 2

This was Hayes' Texas debut, as he told a story before the match about how if he ever got too wild and got fired/ quit from Georgia, he'd have offers everywhere, but was burning his bridges so he had to go to Texas, but he loved it quickly. His big high spot was the sharp knee lift he no doubt learned from Jake Roberts, Renesto wasn't bumping very well for a job guy nor selling much of anything to well but Hayes charisma kind of overshadowed him anyways. Always thought his bulldog looked like crap though, and that's a finish, Tony!

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