Friday, May 14, 2010

Cinnamon Toast Punch #4: Green Beans Okerlund!

More reviews of random maches, four All Japan matches and one FIP match, that have been sitting on my computer for months.

Masanobu Fuchi vs. Yasufumi Nakanoue (All Japan, 1/3/10) – 2
Not really much in this one to get excited about. Fuchi moved around with all the speed of a corpse. About half-way through this 8-minute encounter, Fuchi began holding his back. Nakanoue really sold a Boston crab like crazy. Flat finish with Nakanoue attempting a roll-up and Fuchi grabbing the legs. Simplicity at its finest.

Rene Dupree vs. NOSAWA Rongai (All Japan, 1/3/10) – 1
Dupree is sporting a red spot in his hair, reminiscent of the Red Rooster, and a 70’s style fu manchu ‘stache. NOSAWA gets barely any offense in except a brief spurt towards the the end when he fights off a double team from Dupree’s accomplices. Highlights from Dupree’s offense include a good super-kick and a nicely executed Lo-Down powerbomb.

Osamu Nishimura & Seiya Sanada vs. Suwama & Masayuki Kono (All Japan, 1/3/10) – 4
Nishimura and Kono saved this match for me. They threw some really hard and stiff strikes at each others (ex: two uppercuts from Nishimura that just rocked Kono). The ground work they did to start off with was a nice touch as well. Sanada and Suwama didn’t really do much for me. There was a pretty predictable spot where Suwawa had Sanada up for a Razor’s Edge but it was clear that Sanana was going to reverse it. The match was mainly fought either between Kono and Nishimura or Sanada and Suwama. Sanada’s roll-up was a nice note to end the match on.

Joe Doering, TARU, & Minoru vs. Satoshi Kojima, Shuji Kondo, & Soya (All Japan, 1/3/10) – 5
This match was pretty wild from the start. Doering and Kojima paired off and brawled around ringside with the remaining combatants going up into the crowd. Once the action settled down, Minoru busted out a nice arm bar on Kondo. Kojima was awesome and just beat the shit out of everybody. His exchanges with TARU were especially awesome, including the fact he used Kobashi’s 100-hand chop. Doering stuck his arm out for clotheslines and hit a hard spiral bomb for the pin on Soya. The crowd was amped too, which made for an enjoyable environment.

C.M. Punk vs. Homicide – Falls Count Anywhere Match (FIP Fallout 2004 Night 2, 11/13/04) – 7
If you want to see a wild and fun brawl then this is the match for you. Minimal time is spent in the ring and in the building with the match going out the front door of the little hole in the wall bar where this show is being held. The entire crowd of about 30 people follows the action outside where Punk and Homicide are fighting and doing spots and getting nearfalls on top of a Ryder truck. Next, they brawl up to the main road in the shadow of an Arby’s restaurant up to the front of a strip club. If that’s not enough, the fight goes into the actual strip club and up onto the stage where the dancers are in the middle of their routines! In the middle of a girl on girl dance, Punk gets up close and yells “You’re a whore!” to the one on top. I laughed so hard at that. Wasn’t much to the match except punching and slamming each other. To be honest, you can really do rope spots in the middle of the boom-boom room of the strip club. The finish was a Homicide piledriver on the sidewalk of the main road. The brawling and the atmosphere made this definitely worth checking out.

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