Monday, May 10, 2010

WWE Raw- 04/26/10

1) Big Show & The Miz v. Hart Dynasty- 5
Really enjoyed Tyson Kidd here, he was the man that kept this match going from his dynamic indy '05 offense all over Miz to his awesome selling of each move, letting momentum take him where it may like a buoy sitting in the water. Liked the vertical suplex memorial to Bulldog, fans were eating up all the Hart stuff. Miz continues to gain experience and has a presence that nearly exceeds every other person in this company. Show was pretty meaningless but a great moment for the Hart family.

2) Layla & Michelle McCool v. Eve & Maryse- 2
Eve continues to try but does the same continuos whip in spot that everyone in this promotion does, nothing to set her apart at all. Like McCool's bitchy character; didn't like her wooden sells before and after her bad neckbreaker near fall. Finish was kind of insulting because why wouldn't you break up the pin for your partner, instead of feining being upset, acting that bad won't win you an Oscar but will land you a part in a SyFy original.

3) Evan Bourne v. CM Punk- 4
Punk vocally is leading the charge to bring great selling back, even making some of Bourne's more unbelievable strikes look useful in a street fight atmosphere instead of a TMNT stage show. Like him teeing off on Bourne with kicks and neat rollup out of it. Nasty GTS, got real deep on the knee, don't know how that couldn't hurt. Gallows helping Punk up outside was comical, he was pretending he was a crippled old lady.

4) Raw v. Smackdown Battle Royal- 4
Crowd heat was good, but nothing really out of the ordinary happened here. Liked Tatsu getting McIntyre out, guess his stock has fallen, he should have brought Trips his mocha mint frappe before their Gold's workout last week. Marella plays his role correctly, made me kind of want to see how far Rey could take Dibiase through a singles match

5) Chris Jericho v. Christian- 5
This was fun, as both men were trying to get the win from the get go, love Christian's insulting slap, this wasn't run like his old ECW style formula match where it builds up and uses the same move set, they pushed the pace and brought all high impact stuff, good tease for Liontamer ending and the ending was really cool, but hated Christian putting his foot down first, not like he was jumping off a roller coaster or anything.

6) Jack Swagger v. John Morrison- 5
This match had a lot going on and it totally felt like Morrison booked this match over Denny's the night before and most of it worked, as the abdominal stretch and the shoulderblock through the ringpost. Swagger will be good one day, but i hate his flailing around the ring in between spots like a zombie looking for brains, he is missing the emotional factor in his performance. Johnny boy's kicks were dead on, landed some really hurty looking ones that i liked. Finish a little convoluted but it still worked, nice touch of Morrison holding onto the ropes instead of just going with it because it's in the script.

7) Dolph Ziggler v. Hornswaggle- 0
Don't you love when they actually enforce a rule just because they want to do a gimmick with it. Didn't Trips try to revive the sleeper a few years ago, and how long did that last? At least it's better than a finish where you just fall backwards really hard and grab the guys' neck, what a joke.

8) Batista v. Sheamus v. Randy Orton- 5
It's kind of hard to take threats from a guy with the voice of cereal icon The Lucky Charms leprecauhn. A very physical style match, lots of really hard forearms, stiff kicks, and awkward bumps out of the ring like they were going to an Olive Garden and instead stepped on a slip and slide. Big Dave's been watching some Nigel; he took a post bump face first with no hands, wonder if Vince hands out "bonuses" in the back, such as a free bj coupon from Rosa Mendes or a pass from trying to defend the company on a national talk show on the latest controversial issue, whatever that may be. Orton's face turn seems to be working but he seems utterly confused on how to act. I think Orton and Sheamus could develop into a solid program but he truly works well with both guys here, although does a really pussy sell over the top rope landing on his feet then flopping backwards as if hoping to find a feather bed and some grapes. Another Edge heel turn? they're as common place as an Edge injury or Michael Cole sounding like a douchebag. Ending scored a false note with me, but there was some hard work here.


Anonymous said...

I chanced upon this site randomly and couldnt believe the awesomeness. It's so intelligent, well-written, and fun. Please dont stop doing this. Your analysis of the physical aspect of the match, the physics of it in fact, and the story of it is unlike any i've read anywhere. more please.

Jessie said...

wow, thanks for the glowing review....glad you had as much fun reading as we do writing.....keep following us if you like the style....we have a bigger back catalogue than any other wrestling blog in can bet on that