Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bellator 17

1. Toby Imada vs. Carey Vanier - 5
2. Pat Curran vs. Roger Huerta - 6
3. Josh Neer vs. Eddie Alvarez - 7
4. Cole Konrad vs. Pat Bennett - 3

Imada's relentless submissions attempts were great. Curran in a close decision won in the biggest upset in Bellator history. I love watching Alvarez fight, seen him in DREAM versus the likes of Aoki, Kawajiri, Hansen, Amade, and most recently Kikuno and am a big fan. It was nice seeing him smash UFC veteran Neer into oblivion and choke him unconscious. Konrad is Lesnar's ultra-chubby Minnesota meathead training partner who pretty much said in his pre-fight interview he was going to use his size to lay on Bennett and that's pretty much what we got save for some shoddy stand-up and Bennett eating all his tough guy bravado.

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