Saturday, May 29, 2010

CZW Walking On Pins & Needles

1. Azrieal vs. Egotistico Fantastico - 4
2. Karsten Beck & Big Van Walter vs. Tommy End & Zack Sabre Jr. - 5
3. Bandido Jr. vs. Scotty Vortekz - 3
4. Brain Damage & tHURTeen vs. Necro Butcher & Danny Havoc - 5
5. The Best Around vs. Irish Drive-By - 4
6. Sabian vs. Adam Cole - 4
7. Notorious, Inc. vs. Drake Younger & Eddie Kingston - 3
8. Sami Callihan vs. DJ Hyde - 3
9. Nick Gage vs. Jon Moxley - 6
10. JC Bailey vs. Thumbtack Jack - Barefoot Thumbtacks Match - 6

Azrieal pretty safely lives in the "4" zone. The wXw showcase match I probably liked a little too much. I blame Sabre Jr. who, although appearing to be a 120lbs. high school senior, was trying his damnedest to throw all kinds of nasty open-hand shots and kicks and I was into it. It was worked as your basic small, skinny fliers versus big brutes bout but that's an old trope that works and was just fine here. Bandido's blank facial expressions took me out of his shitty match.

I dug the hardcore tag, lots of blood, stiff weapon shots, brawling into the crowd, etc. It was a fairly basic story of barbaric bloodletting but what hurt it most was Brain Damage's shoddy execution on the "Package Piledriver" that beat Necro. TBA vs. Irish Drive-By was engaging, some decent double-teams, nothing too meaty or memorable. Sabian and Cole went far too fucking long, especially Sabian in control on offense, which exposed him for having nil.

The following tag and then singles (feat. company owner and resident slob Hyde) felt like the higher status guys taking a relatively easy night off. Moxley and Gage was great, lots of violence, Jon getting his head (and mouth!) cut up by Gage, and some big, nasty bumps like a spot onto a stack of tables blanketed by a barbwire board (what cretin built that at 4AM in their parents' den?). Main event was just a savage spectacle, both guys going barefoot, tons of sickness, Jack shoving syringes into JC's foot and throaht were cringeworthy to say the least. I liked the Moxley match better as its set-ups were less obvious, plus Bailey's blade job was as transparent as the plot to that awful Avatar movie sans the overt preachiness.

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Geo said...

TJ vs. JC was sick and twisted