Monday, August 18, 2008

WCW The Main Event- 04/28/91

1) Big Josh v. Hacksaw Higgins- 2
2) Young Pistols v. Rip Rogers/ Jeff Stone- 3
3) Larry Zybyzsko v. Terry Bronson- 2
4) Ric Flair/ Arn Anderson/ Barry Windham v. Sting/ El Gigante/ Brian Pillman- 4
5) Z-Man v. Brian Carr- 1
6) One Man Gang v. Junkyard Dog- 2
7) Black Bart v. Joe Cruz- 1
8) Lex Luger v. Mike Thor- 2

This DVD is the beginning of a giant disc order me and the guys here at NHO placed a few weeks ago and I couldn't wait to delve into it.

Both Josh and Higgins kept using the most feigned punches imaginable and really dragged this one down. Josh went outside and started playing to the crowd as if he was at a house show, calling Higgins a "fatty." The finish was poor; Higgins tried to use Josh's axhandle and looked awkward as they both struggled with it before Josh used it. The Pistols have some great looking double teams, especially their dropkick. Rogers looked like he was trying out for Queer Eye as their wrestling specialist with the silly topknots in his head. Stone was a large brute and Smothers got a lot of joy out of picking him up and giving him hurty moves like a backbreaker. This was short but decent. Zybyzsko, as usual, screamed at everyone around ringside and Jim Ross said "he yells at everyone but still hasn't won a championship in WCW." He won with a pretty mean piledriver but everything else was filler for his cheap heat. The six man was fun while it lasted, highlights being Pillman whipping everyone's ass and he and Flair's chop fest. Gigante only sold an eye rake the whole time and the Horsemen were just feeding themselves to the faces like slop to a pig. They put Pillman over, which he deserved after earlier in the show, on an interview segment called the "Danger Zone", he outed Paul E.'s sexual orientation.

Carr looked like a roadie for Ratt, Zenk was pretty sloppy and Carr was god awful as a jobber. He wasn't selling anything;a preschooler could have drawn a more realistic face on him showing the pain of Zenk's armbar, which is pretty much all he did except for his flying dropkick which looked like someone pushed him off the diving board at a public pool. JYD can get a crowd behind him but Gang sucked all the life out of them with his rest hold chin lock. Sullivan interfered and cost Dog the match which really didn't consist of much, except some rad double punches by Dog. Bart didn't deserve a squash match; Cruz looked like a spokesman for gay cowboys and bumped well but Bart's unrefined corner punches and shitty looking side slam had "day off" written all over them. Mike Thor is anything but a Norse god; he looked more like Dan Spivey's older fatter brother- Luger took great joy in picking this hoss up and slamming him around- the torture rack on the beefy Thor was impressive, almost as impressive as the commercial break that was introducing Mario Mario's first foray onto Game Boy many years ago.

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Brian said...

you said the JYD/Gang match didn't consist of much.. but i thought OMG's selling of a headbutt by doing a frontflip over the top rope to the floor, plus JYD's selling of a legdrop like he'd just been witness to the Holy Ghost were both tits..

i do agree with the score of zenk/carr.. - zenk seemed afraid to do anything but rest in a side headlock, as whenever he'd try anything else he'd severely fuck it up and go right back to that loose-ass resthold..