Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Japan TV 10/21/83

1) Riki Choshu/ Yoshiaki Yatsu v. Akira Maeda/ Kengo Kimura- 5
2) Tatusmi Fujinami v. ?- 6
3) Big John Studd v. Antonio Inoki- 3

Our opening tag bout features Choshu and Yatsu, who looks like an S.E. Hinton creation for the reading Mexican populous; nevertheless, he works hard, selling pain on his face big time for Madea and Kimura's babyface offense, nothing ever too stiff or brutal. This one goes near 20 minutes with a lot of back and forth and Choshu's lariat is the dedciding factor. Tats and the old guy with the singlet whose name I can't figure out have a very exciting match that goes from restholds being worked to fast, high impact offense like snap suplexes and awkward slams that remind me of some old Dynamite Kid- Tiger Mask matches. They are keeping a great pace when they turn it up and they trade momentum pretty fluently for a fun bout. The finish is pretty shitty though- Tats gets kidnapped by Choshu's army through the crowd like when the Others took the little kids from the Tail section of Flight 815 (Lost nerds unite!) The main had me intrigued, I had to say, for Inoki isn't one to take crap off a big man just because he's big. Studd mauled him early and often with clubbing forearms to the back and restholds and Inoki thought it wise to play wounded animal until his opportune moment, which came after about 8 minutes with a fiery comeback that ended with his famous enziguiri to the back of Studd's head which he sold pretty competently. I really enjoyed these TV's and will be ordering more of them and reviewing in the future. Domo Arigato.

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