Monday, June 30, 2008

WWE Night of Champions 2008

1) John Morrison/ The Miz v. Finlay/ Hornswaggle (WWE Tag Team Title)- 5
2) Matt Hardy v. Chavo Guerrero (US Title)- 4
3) Kane v. Big Show v. Mark Henry (ECW Title)- 4
4) Hardcore Holly/ Cody Rhodes v. Ted Dibiase/ Cody Rhodes (World Tag Team Title)- 1
5) Chris Jericho v. Kofi Kingston (IC Title)- 5
6) Mickie James v. Katie Lea Burchill (Women's Title)-4
7) Edge v. Batista (World Title)- 4
8) HHH v. John Cena (WWE Title)- 8

The opener was exactly what it should have been : hard hitting (every time you have Finlay in there), fast paced, the action was good, there was some good tag work with the heels and it had a good finish. Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm looking forward to more matches between these two teams. Matt did what he does best in his title defense; sell a wounded body part. It's a good formula for his matches and it worked here, but Chavo really isn't aggressive enough to make us believe he's trying to break Matt's leg. But, Matt sells it really well anyways; I really thought he was hurt. The finish was creative and out of nowhere; this needed more content though to make it memorable. The big men went with their best option which was just to stiff people. Show was kind of a non-factor here, although his bodyslam on Henry was man-sized and sick. Kane hurts himself trying to protect him self on an outside bump; serves the freak right. His strikes were dead on though and Show and Henry ate lots of them. The bait and switch with Rhodes was predictable and I don't see much of a future for Holly after this run.

Jericho tried to run this match and did an admirable job of it, but there were a few misfires here. Kofi has talent but I fear a pre-emptive push before he's ready isn't really a good thing for him. Jericho played off of his offense really well even if he can't sell it like he could have 7 years ago. Cade at ringside in a sweater vest was a real eyesore but Jericho continues to try and put on good matches and this could develop into a good program if they so wanted. James and Lea are two of the best in WWE right now and with practice could also have a good program. The arm work was well done and James shows she can sell a body part not just expose them in tawdry photo spreads. I'm really worn out on Edge; his work is so lazy now it's just not even worth watching. Batista isn't the guy to motivate him either; neither man's sells were even worth the pretty lousy chicken sandwhich dinner I had while watching the show although a few spots came off well, such as a sunset flip out of the corner. Seeing the large Vickie Guerrero get keg-tossed onto a waiting crowd of Smackdown midcarders was a fun visual but not Dave's sulking after the match. First off, Trips looks like a spokesman for skin melonoma; he looked like sunburnt Indian. But, other than that, he knows how to bring a main event and make it memorable. Both matches with Cena have had great build and it's left to where either man could win and you could see it plausibly happening. Cena is one of the best workers in the world right now; wow, can't believe i said that. He has the enthusiasm, the passion, the selling is down pat and he is quickly learning how to make a main event matter. He and Trips had some great near falls and reversals and kept the whole bar we were in great suspense. Fantastic main event; possibly better than their Mania match.

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Brian said...

good job, jess.. - i was going to write up a report on this show, but i think you covered all the bases.. - i agree about edge versus dave.. - some people on WO are pimping it as match of the show.. - i don't get it.. - the flaws in both their selling was obvious.. - the main event was really great, though.. more than i anticipated at of a somewhat minor show.. - it was the highlight for me, outside of me calling out that stranger that shit his pants at the table next to us and calling him a "sick fuck" to his face.. - that was pretty classic.. - see you back at BW-3 for forrest versus rampage!