Monday, June 9, 2008

In Your House: Revenge of the Taker

1 The Sultan v. Flashfunk- 3
2 Legion of Doom v. Davey Boy Smith/ Owen Hart- 4
3 Rocky Maivia v. Savio Vega- 3
4 Jesse Jammes v. Rocka-Billy- 2
5 Undertaker v. Mankind- 6
6 Bret Hart v. Steve Austin- 5

The Good:
Flash funk had his dance routine down pat.....and had some good showy offense that even Vince was marking for.....Owen Hart, just everything he did from organizing the tags on his side and doing cutoff spots to showing off his Slammys.....Faarooq's mic work while commentating the Rocky-Savio match.... I always thought the Nation gimmick was stupid but he had some good lines during his commentating, ex. "Ahmed, we been trading an eye for an eye, it was your kidneys, now my arm and next will be your pancreas...but i'd rather have your life." .....Hawk's decapitating clotheslines....Jesse Jammes' halfway decent singing voice....Taker's selling....Mankind's suicidal performance including one of the nastiest table spots ever, where he goes head first into it like a dart at a dartboard....Burning Paul Bearer's face with a fireball.....Bret takes a good stair bump later on shoulder first, w/o putting his hands in the way....Austin hobbling on knee during offensive run, selling it well

The Bad:
The Sultan (just everything) from his weak ass punches to his sloppy selling.....LOD putting no effort into their offense, really by the numbers and their selling was pretty poor.....Bad Dusty finish for Tag Title Match..... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler bickering over whose hat is stupider while forgetting the match in the ring, very WCW-ish.....Rocka-Billy's dancing, obviously having no idea what he was supposed to be doing, completely moronic....Honky Tonk's same old song and dance, just not entertaining anymore......Shitty post match brawl with Taker and Mankind where they blantantly screw up trying to hit Paul Bearer with a fireball with Taker falling on his knee to push Bearer in front of him and Foley throwing a piece of paper at Bearer's face, with no flame attached......Bret's promo backstage, just fumbling and searching for something to say, came off amateurish......Bret hitting Austin's leg with a chair against the steel ring post but obviously missing......Austin's sloppy brawling, which put up against Bret's scientific approach really made this match feel like a mess.......having 3 Dq finishes complete with interference.

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