Monday, June 23, 2008

ECW Hardcore TV- 11/12/96

1) Pitbull #2 v. The Pittsburg Steel Team- 1
2) Doug Furnas v. Louie Spicoli- 3
3) Shane Douglas v. Tommy Dreamer- 4

Some notes about ECW after watching this show: Joey Styles was a hell of a hype man and the promotion did a great job pushing the angles they wanted and got you into them. But, the unfortunate thing is most of them were crap. Let's look at some in ring- Pitbull #2 beat up two local guys in gold and yellow shirts fairly quickly and with no resistance but this was basically an excuse for Douglas and Brian Lee (who was all over this show) to put him through a table by being chokeslammed off a semi trailer. My reaction: "yah, another midcard guy got thrown through a table off something really high, i'm really marking out over that one, wonder what we have in the fridge?"

Then, we have Doug Furnas ( who was pretty good at playing cocky heel) just having his way with Spicoli until out of nowhere Madonna's boyfriend hits a Spicoli Driver out of nowhere for the pin. Spicoli's work was pretty amateurish, though- really bad facials and going from spot to spot without effectively selling anything. The main event was actually decent despite it's aging participants highlighted by Dreamer taking some hellacious bumps on some open folding chairs and selling the pain quite well. Douglas played frustrated heel but then the match just abruptly ends with Brian Lee (this fucker again?) showing up and decimating Dreamer. The show ends with a series of promos and I have to say, some of these were pretty entertaining: such as Raven and Sandman's wife cutting ha promo in a low lit room where she was wearing the title belt over her bare crotch; Saturn busting his own head open; and The Gangstas walking around a demolished house talking mad shit. But, the final one was really corny; Tommy Dreamer at a pay phone calling collect and asking for the DoubleCross Ranch. That's some shit you'd see in a fucking Michael Bay script.

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