Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ECW Hardcore TV- 11/19/96

1) Bubba Ray Dudley v. D-Von Dudley- 1
2) Sabu/ Rob Van Dam v. Doug Furnas/ Dan Kroffat- 4
3) 2 Cold Scorpio v. David (Morton/ Smith/ Jericho ?)- 2

This show blew harder than Francine backstage at the first Barely Legal PPV. Every match was clipped beyond all recognition, including the very match I ordered this tape for, the Sabu/RVD v. Furnas/Kroffat tag. But, first the Dudleys match- it was clipped down to a really pussy chair shot exchange and bunch of interference from quite possibly the two ugliest men to ever enter the ring ropes, Axl Rotten and Big Dick Dudley. The tag I remembered from my teenage youth as a awesome war but here was little more than the last 6 minutes of what was quite possibly a good match. The clip starts running as Sabu leaps up to the top rope and tries to ddt Kroffat through a table propped up on the guardrail but he pushes RVD in front of him and Sabu mistakenly DDT's his partner in an ugly, ugly botched spot. The vets control the rest of the match and sell Sabu and Van Dam's offense, as sloppy and unprepared as it may be, pretty well. RVD was extrememly green and is putting kicks right in these guy's faces. Overall, i would have rather left this match to my memory but like when you revisit anything from years gone past, it's never quite as good; case in point, the 80's film "Monster Squad." They showcased 2 Cold because he was leaving the fed against a very young Kid Kash who Joey Styles said "they didn't have a name for him yet." This was broken down into a series of crazy high flying moves and you could tell Kash was doing anything and everything he could to get noticed. Some more promos littered this show mostly centering on the Raven-Sandman family feud which produced a hilarious skit where Blue Meanie tried to entertain Sandman's son but got Legos thrown at him and then him opening up a present from his dad and Raven's subsequent reaction. I'm going to reiterate, that as far as in ring work, this was the shits.

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