Thursday, June 26, 2008

Audio Review: TNA house show 6/22/08

Today’s update is a brand new audio review of a Cincinnati, OH TNA house show from this past weekend. Held in the historic Cincinnati Gardens (where I saw Muta work a main for NWA in ’89!) this was TNA’s first foray nearby so we felt obligated to go check it out. It’s definitely our most off the cuff audio review yet, as it was recorded in Adam’s car as we zipped around in a monsoon trying to make it to a late-night diner. Enjoy!

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Jessie said...

ha, yes it was off the cuff....that main sounds tasty....adam though, haha, you kind of kept trailing off like you got lost in your thoughts, funny stuff though....weird hearing didge talk......he actually made some valid points much to my dismay to admit