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CMLL 04/29/06

Ah, it's been a while, Lucha Libre- the dives, the pretty costumes, it feels like an Elton John concert that got out of control. Now, there are tons of hot mamas in skimpy bikini's to lead the competitors down the aisle. And a marvelous stage to make your entrance. But, let's get to the matches:

1) Heavy Metal/ Dos Caras jr/ Dr. Wagner v. Averno/ Mephisto/ Atlantis- 5

This is a really fast paced, fun 6 man that never slows down and doesn't worry about giving you a building story throughout; it's just a crazy war. The heel team (Damn, Lucha just has some of the best and most creative teams/ stables in the biz) looks like a Rogues Gallery from Flash Gordon. The faces are best on offense but the first caida gets swept by the heels with some nifty triple team moves. The faces gain a measure of revenge by hitting big planchas in the second caida and winning the fall with some fancy rollup pins. The third caida goes the longest as there's a good volley back and forth for control; I was really impressed with Dos Caras jr; he's a lot taller and stronger than most Luchadores, but he was quick, had some great power moves and could fly just as well as anyone else. Metal looks younger than he did 10 years ago, as does Atlantis, although he may be the Jr version. The finish was two finishers being hit at once by the faces, and Caras press slam into a German suplex about broke the poor neck of that Underworld heel.

2) Ultimo Guerrero v. Hector Garza- 4

This is one of the only times I've seen Guerrero and he's matured into quite a competitor. He rides Garza with ground works intersperesed with rollups and quick pins. The first 2 caidas go by quickly (what else is new?) with the score evened up. I'm not really digging Garza's heel persona even though greasy Mexican stripper type seems to be a natural fit. He can still fly and does during the final caida but his heel tactics come off flat and with no emotion behind them, such as putting his feet on the ropes. Guerrero ulimately takes it and we get a post-match Garza cry session; really hate his heel persona.

3) Tarzan Boy/ Rey Bucanero v. Mr. Aguila/ Damian 666 (Hair v. Hair Match)- 5

Man, there are some ugly mothers in this match! Aguila looks like he was kidnapped by the Jeff Hardy fans from TNA then left to die in the desert. His goatee is so Billy Goat Gruff and his outfit screams construction worker who raves. Anyways, 450 splash (hey, he can still do it!) and Muscle Buster from Damian wins the first fall. 2nd goes with quick rollups by the faces. Tarzan is pretty good here; really fun offense and he lays his overhand chops and elbows in really hard. 3rd Caida goes a while; Bucanero takes a powerbomb from the apron to the floor (one of the few times that spot has went off clean in recent years) and is hurt as Tarzan gets ganged up on by the two degenerates in the ring. They eliminate him and Bucanero comes back in and works an awesome babyface comeback, pinning Damian with a pretty cool move that looked like a powerbomb but upside down (hard to describe.) Aguila bumps well for Rey's comeback and the heels botch their own cheap finish to give Bucanero his moment in the sun. Face beatdown afterwards. Damian has to be near 50 but he didn't hamper this match at all; even though his face looks like a smashed chocolate cake.

CMLL- 02/11/07

1 Mistico v. Black Warrior- 6

Mistico is a much balleyhooed worker down across the borders these days and while I haven't seen much of him, he is impressive. He has gorgeous nipples. Black Warrior is looking like a Headbangers reject these days but the guys' eyes freak the hell out of me. The people are solidly behind Mistico and you can see he already has a built move set that he knows really well; a good sign he may be in America one day performing it. Warrior takes the first fall with a pretty cool submission and Mistico comes back with a good reverse to a magistral for the second. Now, the third fall is where it all takes place. They do a match equivalent to when in Japan, they have their trading clothesline spots; this one was suicide dives. They both keep trying to out top each other with crazy dives that are dangerously high risk. One really cool spot is where Warrior is on the ground with his head towards the apron and Mistico goes for an Asai and Warrior sticks his feet up into Mitsico's face; he sold it like he was Harvey Dent with a face full of acid. It was grand. But, the lucha kept piling on, with front somersaults, apron dives and hurricanrana. Back in the ring, Mistico wins it with his amazing tilt-a-whirl armbreaker finish that left me with a work rate boner. Bravo, muchachos!

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