Thursday, January 25, 2007

WWF Royal Rumble 88

The first every Rumble; let's see how it all got started!

1 Rick Rude v. Ricky Steamboat-7- An absolutely fabulous match that never got ahead of itself. Wonderful basic wrestling that showcased both men. When they finally got to even a power slam, it was as if the wrestling world had never seen one. Excellent match until the DQ finish, which nearly ruins great matches like these.

2 Glamour Girls v. Jumping Bomb Angels( 2 of 3 Falls Match)- 6- The Bomb Angels were ahead of the curve in wrestling, not just women's but wrestling in general. The old Glamour's bumped well for them, and played decently nasty heels. The Bomb Angels won the Women's Tag Belts in a very pleasing encounter.

3 20 Man Royal Rumble-5- The match showcased some great wrestlers, including Tito Santana, Bret Hart, Jim Brunzell, and Jake Roberts. They piled into the ring and kept fighting and fighting until one man was left and that man was Hacksaw!? What? Okay, well, he didn't do much to earn it, and the last six guys or so were all big brawny brawlers. I didn't care for much of it past the middle because it turned into a slow punch fest.

4 Islanders v. Young Stallions( Best of 3 Falls Match)- 4- I don't get why two teams, neither of who are the champs are in a 2 of 3 Falls Match, and why it main evented but it fared decently. The Stallions showed some fire and sold their injuries well and the Islanders beat them down unmercilessly. Both teams pulled off their respective roles nicely.

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