Monday, January 15, 2007

ECW TV 12/05/06

1. CM Punk and Rob Van Dam vs. Test and Bob Holly – 2
2. Daivari vs. Tommy Dreamer – 2
3. Ariel vs. Kelly Kelly – 1
4. Bobby Lashley vs. Big Show – 3

Punk was about as disinterested as the fans were during the opening tag match, staring out into space while on the apron, as his partner RVD was working poorly with perennial rigid and uninspired workers Test and Holly. The finish, which came rather quickly, featured a lot of interference. Dreamer was wearing more bandages than the victim of a high-speed car accident, but scored the victory, in another short bout, against despot Daivari. Ariel and Kelly went for only a minute or so, but still scored one solitary point for Ariel’s’ pigtails and Mike Knox tossing a bouquet of roses into Kelly’s face like he was Patrick Ewing slamming a basketball. Lashley and Show wasn’t much of anything, it was obvious Show was suffering from his potentially career threatening back injury, as he didn’t really bump at all. Lashley got the clean win, however, further cementing him in terms of legitimacy. Overall, this was a weak show, with no commendable performances, entertaining angles, or quality work.

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