Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Performer Analysis: Lita

Ah, Amy Dumas, what a career you've had. You wrote a book, got on a TV show, won the Women's Title, had a live sex celebration on TV, where do I begin?

1) Innovation- 3/10
When Lita came to the WWF in the late 90's, she was pulling off high spots that no woman had tried... in America, well, since the Jumping Bomb Angels in the late 80's. But, it was something the new generation of viewers had not seen on their wrestling programs. While her style proved her successful for a while, after injuring her neck on Dark Angel (which got canceled right after) she cut that off. Now, she barely climbs to the top.

2) Conditioning- 4/10
At one point, Lita was in great shape, patented that little thong showing out of the pants, you know, and was in great shape. But, since ruining Matt Hardy's life, she let herself fill out and has barely wrestled. And when she has, she hasn't shown any stamina. Not to mention the rumors of her drug use along with Jeff Hardy.

3) Skill- 2/10
Lita, at once, was considered possibly the greatest women's wrestler WWE had ever seen. That is a harsh farce. She executes the same moves in every match, with varying degrees of success every time. You would think you could at least master a few moves you've done over and over again. Hell, she broke her neck doing a hurricanrana, which was one of her signature moves. Her sells are horrible; she usually gets hit and flops to the mat like a writhing fish. Her work is among the worst of the women currently wrestling.

4) Psychology- 2/10
Lita isn't a story teller. I hope her future kids realize this. She gets great heat usually, but her matches are always duds. She can't pull her audience into the match at all. That is a bad sign. She has been in the business at least ten years now, and should be able to pull her own weight. This is not the case.

5) Interviews- 1/10
Worst mic work in WWE, bar none. She doesn't have a good voice, she doesn't have a good vocabulary, and she never has anything to say. Her acting in vignettes has always been atrocious and I don't see it improving in the future. I literally cringe whenever she gets promo time.

6) Character (face/heel) - 6/10
Lita was largely over as a face, and actually could pull off the face in peril role, and her daredevil tactics worked well. As a heel, she is hated, largely due to her real life drama involving Hardy and Edge, but she tries to play the role regardless and has been consistently hated since. Disregarding her match work, she has pulled off both sides questionably well.

7) Basics-2/10-
Whoever trained her should be hiding their face in shame. I've never seen her pull off any basic wrestling skills. Her punches look like flailing arms drowning in the ocean. Her transitions are non-existent. She is incredibly atrocious.

8) Fans- 10/10-
Wow! I can't believe it either. But, even I, an avid Lita detester, have to admit in an unbiased way that the fans do react to her, until she gets in the ring. When she debuted and then with the Hardy's, she was nearly as popular as anyone on the roster. And now, as Edge's sex puppet, she is incredibly despised. As far as playing the roles up, she is still far off, but as a general reaction from a normal fan, she gets tons of heat.

9) Match/ Opponent- 2/10-
Lita hasn't had any memorable feuds except for the one with Trish that has been dragged on for the last two years. They had one stellar match that actually main evented a RAW maybe last year and that kind of work hasn't been seen from her since.

10) Gutcheck-2/10-
Before Lita's injury, I would give her credit for all the bumps she would take. After her injury, she became nearly a cripple. It took her much longer than usual to recover, and after she did come back, she wrestled part time and half assed. Now, her career in ring is nearly invisible. I don't think she has what it takes to be a full time wrestler and is better off semi retired.
Final Rating: 35
Ranking: Jobber
PO: Thumbs Down

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