Saturday, June 17, 2006

WWE Amargeddeon 2005

1 JBL v. Matt Hardy- 3
2 MNM v. Mexicools- 5
3 Booker T v. Chris Benoit- 7
4 Lashley v. William Regal/ Paul Burchill- 2
5 Juventud v. Kid Kash- 5
6 Big Show/ Kane v. Batista/ Rey Mysterio- 2
7 Undertaker v. Randy Orton(Hell in a Cell)- 7

Traditionally, this show bites the big one, and it had its share of stinkers. JBL and Hardy worked stiff, but ultimately Hardy gets buried again. The tag match was a real exciting one and the teams worked well together. Booker and Benoit had another steallar encounter, this one going at least 20 minutes. The Lashley match was a squash; an unnecessary one in my opinion, we know he's tough and over, so why kill one of your few tag teams left just to get him over? The cruiserweight match was cool, although Kash needs a complete makeover. He has no character or exudes no charisma; his whole gimmick back in the day was he looked like Kid Rock, now he just looks like a pudgy alcoholic. The Raw v. Smackdown tag match was a complete mis match of styles that on paper looks like shit, so why even put it in front of us? The Hell in a Cell match I was looking forward to, because despite horrible interference from Cowboy Bob, these two have had some great matches and this one was no different. They used the cage, they had near falls, and there was some blood, so all in all a pretty good showing for both men.

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