Thursday, June 1, 2006

ECW: A Matter of Respect '98: May 16,1998- ECW Arena

There's just so many jokes coming to my head, but i will refrain.

1 Justin Credible v. Jerry Lynn( 2 out of 3 Falls)- 5- One of my favorite stipulations. i enjoyed this match to a degree; Lynn did a terrific bladejob, and they both wrestled like they didn't know they wren't in the main event, but Lynn botched a flip into the crowd larger than Kong's erection and Credible was his usual non-selling ass.

2 Jamie Dundee v. Chris Chetti- 2- not good, Dundee can really insult some rednecks though.

3 Mikey Whipwreck v. Mike Lozansky-3- this guy had some spirit, but he was too white washed babyface and the crowd ate him alive.

4 Danny Doring v. Kronus- 1- my god, they reached a new low.

5 FBI v. Balls/ Axl- 2- I forgot to rate this match at the time, so this was my best guess. i knew it was born of a bad brawl, and the content was as uninspired as the ring announcers' wardrobe..

6 Al Snow v. Bam Bam- 5- a unique mixture of wrestlers, that actually was decent. two veterans not concerned with, well, really anthing except putting on something watchable.

7 Sabu/ Candido v. Storm/ RVD- 3- an overblown masterpiece of miscues and promotion. i love when the hype overexceeds the match and everyone looks foolish.

8 Dudleys/ Big Dick v. Dreamer/ Sandman/ Spike(Stairway to Hell)-3- I give them credit for using the wire and really going all out on the bleeding at a house show, but it was at the arena. I faintly didn't mind sitting through this.

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