Thursday, June 8, 2006

TNA Genesis- Nov. 2005

1 Shark Boy v. Nigel McGinnis- 2- a very clipped version of a match they've had before that was much better.

2 Diamonds in the Rough v. The Naturals/ Lance Hoyt- 2- They came in with their game faces on, but they quickly wore off after Skipper got in his token botch of the night. The match ended with little enthusiasm.

3 Raven v. PJ Polaco- 3- What a big return for this schmuck! I've never been a fan of his work, and this was no different. Both men took the shortest route to selling a move, and the result was piss poor wrestling.

4 3 Live Kru v. Team Canada( Hockey Stick Fight)- 4- There was some spirited team moves in here, but mostly sloppy brawling and the usual cheap heat spots that most of these participants are known for.

5 Jeff Hardy v. Monty Brown- 4- a blase attempt at bringing something new to the table; actually, what am i saying there was no attempt! i almost gave them credit for something they didn't do. what was i thinking? Note to self: stop taking those kindness courses at the University. It hasn't gotten me laid and it hasn't really helped my self-esteem.

6 Samoa Joe/ Christopher Daniels/ Alex Shelly/ Roderick Strong v. Chris Sabin/ Sonjay Dutt/ Austin Aries/ Matt Bentley( Elimination Match)- 7- A strong showing from the X Division in the longest match of the show. It was so long i kept expecting people to be eliminated and they weren't. I'm a fan of most all of these guys, and they put on a hell of a match. My only complaint: went too long. I lost interest in the match after a while, but the ending was pretty exciting.

7 Abyss v. Sabu(No DQ)-7- Another wonderful encounter in these two's hardcore series. Sabu seems to care about wrestling again and tries to bring the pain against the big man. There were some brutal thumbtack and barb wire bumps in this and it was exciting.

8 AJ Styles v. Petey Williams- 7- Wow! not usually does a match exceed my expectations, but these guys really tore down the house. There was an awesome plancha to the outside that hit all guardrail and a ton of innovative spots in ring. a great effort.

9 Rhino/ Team 3-D v. Jeff Jarrett/ AMW- 6- This was very fun to watch. Jarrett actually took a cool bump on the aisleway, and the cowboys got their backs broke from 3-D, but there was no mountain, unless you count the pile of semen Mike Tenay released while marking out for this match. It's something different for a PPV main event, and i definitely wouldn't want it every month but this was cool.

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