Tuesday, June 20, 2006

WCW SuperBrawl III

1) Chris Benoit vs. Too Cold Scorpio – 8 – This was absolutely amazing! If you want to see professional wrestling at its finest, then watch this match. Both men wrestle back and forth for twenty minutes and neither of them give an inch to the other. Scorpio would fly and Benoit would match him. Benoit would work submission and Scorpio would match that. It was just a great, great match between two gifted competitors who were eager to make their mark.

2) The British Bulldog vs. Wild Bill Irwin – 4 – For those of you who survived episodes of WWF Superstars from 1996, you might recognize Irwin as the ill-fated character, The Goon. Anyway, Bulldog was making his debut here and made short work of Irwin in a basic match.

3) Paul Orndorff vs. Cactus Jack – Falls Count Anywhere Match – 6 - Orndorff and Jack had a downright brutal match. Jack went for a sunset flip from the second turnbuckle to the outside on Orndorff and took a sick bump on the landing. Orndorff worked Jack’s knee for the duration of the match while Jack worked his spots in. The match ended with a shovel to the face. Yes … a shovel to the face! A super fun match to watch with a great old-school mentality.

4) Dustin Rhodes vs. Maxx Payne – 3 – Well, we go from a brutal fight to brutal to watch. Payne looked terrible and had some very limited offense. Rhodes worked hard but just couldn’t pull out a decent match. By the way, the ring annoucer says that Payne’s hometown is, and I quote, “a state of euphoria.” Now if that doesn’t reek of stupidity, I don’t know what does.

5) The Great Muta vs. Barry Windham – 6 – Wow, when was the last time you saw a headlock worked for ten straight minutes in a world title match? These two had another fantastic match that tore down the house. Personally, I think that Windham has always been underrated as a fantastic wrestler and never got the respect that he deserved. If you want to see what a world title match should be like, then check this out. It should be noted that Ric Flair provided guest commentary for the match because he made his return to WCW before the match began.

6) Sting vs. Vader – Leather Strap Match – 7 – Not as crazy as I though it would be but still a hard-hitting match. Vader was bleeding from the back and the ears, Sting was busted open on the forehead, and both guys whipped each other into oblivion. Again, this wasn’t anything like today’s strap matches where trash cans, cookie sheets, and other odd assortments of paraphernalia are used. The finish was creative as Sting tripped over the downed ref which caused Vader to touch all four buckles. This will probably go down as one of the best strap matches I’ve ever seen.

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Jessie said...

Looks like i liked this show more than you, but anyone could see that WCW was actually doing something right here.